So far i havent noticed much difference but as a said earlier in the week i changed alot. My diet My routine. I will post the specifics on friday, hoping ill have a better idea of how it may or may not be affecting me. I am crazy busy with school this summer, work, and life..but i will be doing a update blog on my process, suppliments, changes and all the other good stuff every friday. Tell then I leave you this a statement that keeps me going when times are not so great or even a bad day. GO HARD or GO HOME

If life was easy we would all be millionars live on a beach and be sipping mai-thais. But we all gain benefits we may not see from the struggles that life gives us and makes us better people in the End. Keep postive even in the hard times for it will benefit you one way or another. Life doesnt stop and keeps going and so do we.