Hey Everyone, I was lucky enough to get a sample of Napalm by Muscle Warfare today. I'm always a little skeptical about pre-trainers (i make my own version) But i decided to try Napalm and what a product.

Energy:10/10 Energy throughout my workout was just insane, i felt as though i could have stayed in the gym for hours lifting with no drama. I did back today which is always really brutal. I added weight and reps to almost everything.

Focus:10/10 I really felt this kick in, i couldn't get to the gym quick enough to workout. I have never been so focused on my workout. I was still able to perform everything slow and controlled way. I really noticed a difference compared to other products.

Pump: 10/10 This felt amazing and when i got to biceps the pump was incredible, i thought i was looking a someone else. I should have measured it but it was crazy. I got a great pump from my back too which i rarely feel.

Endurance: 10/10 Like i said i felt as though i could have stayed for hours. Even during cardio at the end i was still pumping. Some products don't last but this one sure did.

Overall: 10/10 This is an amazing pre-trainer and i would recommend this to anyone. I wonder with prolonged use weather i'll build a tolerance, this is yet to be seem, but overall AMAZING

Thanks Muscle Warfare for a great product, i'll be buying it.!!!!!