Need pro hormone advice

  1. Need pro hormone advice

    So I'm 26 5'9 200lbs. I have been lifting for a couple years. I started at 165. Right now my bench max is 295, squat 385, and dead 495. I'd say am about 15% body fat. I don't expect to be ripped anytime soon, but I'm trying to get bigger and stronger. Right now I am trying to get to 220, I'll worry about cutting after that. I have done super drol, phera plex, and tren. I hated superdrol because of the sides, phera plex gave me good gains but I've already done 2 cycles of that, one stacked with havoc. I always did pct with nolva and various test boosters, took my milk thistle, hawthorn berry, fish oil etc etc. I never lost more than 5lbs during pct and kept all my lifts about the same not losing more than 1 rep on my lifts. But now I want to try something new.

    I have 3 bottles of feraguno (orastan-a), 1 bottle of hemaguno (havoc) and 1 bottle of d-zine (dymethazine). Now I was thinking of running feraguno at 300mg day. I was wondering if its ok to run hemaguno at 25mg a day along with it. Or if it's ok to run d-zine with it at 45mg a day along with it. If both of those are ok to run with feraguno, what one is better. Btw I was trying to gain weight from this and hopefully lose a little fat so I don't have to flex to get my 6 pack to show through. I will be on a 4000cal+ a day diet with 300 grams protien. And sorry I am not going to consider real gear right now, no access to it, and don't want my results to be super obvious. I plan on starting a cycle in a week or less, so any feed back is appreciated, thanks.


  2. You may have better luck posting in the anbolic section
    I will work for supplements!

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