My workouts are now MaximizedV2

  1. My workouts are now MaximizedV2

    Hey guy, this is my first log on the site. Thanks to Iforce for giving me the chance to try their new MaximizeV2. I just got it in the mail Monday May 10th.
    My stats-
    weight 197
    bf %- 11% (from 3 site skinfold)
    height- 6ft
    Bench- 300lb
    squat 405 lb
    dead lift- 500

    Iniatal review
    Taste- 8/10 The rassberry lemonaid is a little sweet for my taste. I had no problem getting it down though and just not into very sweet flavors.
    Energy- 10/10 WOW. I had 5 hours of sleep last night and had to be at work at 6am. I used one scoop and I was alive. It was squat day and I had the energy to hit them hard. I will only use one scoop from now on, I can't imagin using anymore.
    Endurance- 10/10 During my mulitle sets of squats and walking lunges I had great endurance.
    Comparison- I have used many pre wo before and this is at he top of my list for the first day. Very simple ingrediant profile and did not give me the runs like most pre wo.

    I will keep updating through my workouts and give me some more incite as to what I am doing. Again thanks to Iforce.

  2. Saved for final Review

  3. I will be taking my next serving later today. Gotta get to work now

  4. DAY 2- Shoulders and Traps

    Another great day in the gym.
    Dumbbell shoulder press 4 warm up sets 3 working
    4 sets wide grip up right rows
    4 sets lateral raises superset with circles
    3 set rear delt flys
    6 sets barbell shurgs
    3 sets dumbbell shurgs

    My shoulders felt great after this. I love the energy from Maximize v2. Had a nice pump in the forearms from using fat gripz also. Veins were crazy. Had to do a set of abs to let the pump subside. So far very solid product Iforce.

  5. Day 3- Back

    No dead lifts today. Hamstrings didn't feel good.
    4 sets barbell rows
    4 sets cable rows
    3 sets dumbbell rows
    3 set under hand pull downs.
    2 sets back extensions

    Energy was on par again. Back felt nice and swole after first exercise.

  6. Day 4-

    Sumo deads- worked my way up to 455

    Then did some arms. Great pump and energy after doing deads.

  7. Day 5- chest. Woke up and did a fasted work out.

    Incline bech with bands.
    dumbbell chest press
    incline flys
    hammer strength press

    Great energy and pumps. Love rolling out of the bed and having great energy and focus.

  8. Been a while since I posted and no one is really following sooo I will just say that my work outs have not changed. The energy from maximive v2 is consistant. Still not a huge fan of the flavor but I can get past that. The pumps are fantastic so overall this is a solid product work picking up


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