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  1. Some images i hve forgotten to put up in the past week or so...


  2. man reading all this great feed back makes me sad that, Ups shipped my MAXIMIZE without a signature. Now one of my neighbors kids is having sum killer werkouts and not me.

    I have been using that agmatine for about 2 weeks eod and getting great pumps, that are evne noticeable even when im not lifting. Like holding the phone to my ear gets my shoulder and bicep screaming.

  3. yesterday was legs and cardio
    lying leg curls 3 sets
    stop box squats 3 sets of 12-15
    leg extensions 3 sets 10
    flying hamstring negatives, hard to explain but basically put your feet inder theseated calf machine and kind of do a flying squirrel thing and squeeze back up...

    workout was prety laid back as i hate how my legs grow, i dont care anymore about size on them as shorts and pants are a BITCH to find now....
    energy and focus were great as always,,,,

    my tubs getting low ;(

    hammer strength machines all day
    incline 2 plates 3 sets of 10-12
    flat bench 3 sets 10 with 80lbs/side
    decline 3 sets 10 reps with 3 plates.
    free motion incline flies, 3 sets of 15
    dips 3 sets of 10

    PUMP WAS NUTS TODAY loved it, so glad i have found a pre workout that really boosts my stamina and endurnace as well as pump without jacking up my BP, itll be great for my next cycle in june

  4. back today but a little out of it due to GF issues til midnight last night...

    pull ups 2 warm up sets then 3 sets of 10 i suck at feeling these i hate them but i know they hae to work.....
    tbar rows, OMG has anyone gym gotten a piece of **** bar where you ust clamp on the handle to a free bar, the thing is ****, i couldnt get the right weight so i ended up doing 5 sets of 15-20!!!!
    hammer strength underhand pulldowns 2 plates 3 sets of 10
    hammer strength hammer grip rows 4 sets of 10-15
    rack deads in a smith, awesome contraction today

    so i had plenty of energy but my mind wasnt in it today going over issues of moving with my GF in my head, sucked the fun and effectiveness out of the sesion today

  5. will be back tomorrow, ive been moving and took the week off the gym

  6. insane chest owrkout 6am with dad
    maximizev2 really got us going when we needed it the most, great focus and energy,

    4 sets 10 reps of each
    hammer incline 90lb/side
    hammer flat achine, 150lbs
    hammer incline fly, like the once in venice golds 45lbs
    dips superset with cable crossovers,

    great stuf, and best part is NO ARGININE!!! meaning i have been using it at work for enregy drinks and it rocks, best part is no worries about increasing arginase levels in my body because there is no ARGININE, let the Nitric OXide levels rise baby!!

  7. back today!
    again dad and i loved this stuff at 530 am! im usually awake at 8-9am, so 530 is a hell of a change and maximize v2 is there to really help me out!

    pullups, 4 sets of 10
    hammer strength ISO row, 2plates and2 1/4's 4 sets of 10-14
    close grip pulldown 4 sets of 10 with 180lbs
    bent over barbell rows, 185 4 sets of 12
    cable rear delts 4 sets 15 with 25lbs,
    hammer rope cable curls, 1 triple drop set.

    awesome pump, dad was really able to push himself today, he was rocking it, adding more and more weight said he felt great, infact called me after the workout to tell me that his back felt awesome driving in his truck which usually hurts a little,

    maximizev2 is the best stuff i have ever used bar NONE

  8. Nice I was trying to upload a video of me doing 1380 on leg press using maximize but i dont know how to transfer from phone to pc lol

  9. still loved it today on LEGS, although the pump was a little intense,

    i tihnk on leg days ill use 3/4 scoop pump in legs was almost too good, and limited my reps due to overflowing blood
    5min bike,
    4 sets leg extensions
    4 sets squats
    4 sets hamstring lying leg curl
    3 sets leg press feet high legs wide
    3 sets each abductor, and adductor.

    reps were 15ish for me but dad was doing 8's to build strength, i tink i got him hooked, every morning he asks
    " wheres my lemonade stuff?"

  10. sorry pics are ****, phone cams are so touchy sometimes they are great other times horrible, i think its lighting....

  11. That's way too early for me! I don't go to bed until at least midnight. I hate mornings so much, lol! Your workouts are looking good, glad Maximize is giving you the energy you need.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  12. shoulders was a blast today,

    dad got the "tinglies" as he said..... he liked it

    lateral raise machine 3 sets 10
    free motion cable press 3 sets 10 120lbs
    front raise DB 45's 4 sets 10
    behind the back cable lateral raise 15lb 3 sets 15
    shrugs 130's for 3 sets of 10 with 2 second pause....

    great **** again today, awesome stuff, here are leg shots from earlier today
    not HUGE but they are mine

  13. today was arms and about the bottom of my bottle

    used 1 sccop today for workout and 1 for work, again great stuff because i can use it as an energy drink get my creatine in split doses and not worry about negative arginase feedback loop

    tricep rope pushdowns 6sets 2 warmup 4 working
    hammer curl machine above head, awesome pump and feel on these 3 sets of 10
    dip machine, 3 sets got up to 220lbs for 10 reps great stuff JUST FELT HUGE TODAY
    DB curls threw 40s around like nothing today, my stamina is insane on this tuff.... it has seriously risen over the past few weeks
    single arm reverse pressdowns 3 sets 30lbs 10 reps
    straight bar cable curls triple drop set,

    great product guys

    OVERALL 9.5/10

    TASTE 9/10 still crave it ever morning!
    Pump 8/10 only thing i ever got a better pump with was GPLC so i can only imagine how great stackign Hemavol and Maximize v2 would be
    strength and stamins 10/10 amazing ow great this went up i stopped using the kre alkalyn and my strength still increased!

  14. sad to hear its the end, but it sounds like you made a lot progress! Your pics look great and your numbers in the gym show how hard you have been working!

    Thanks for the great review.
    iForce Nutrition Sponsored Athlete


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