What's up everyone. I am a little late getting this log started. I just finished up mid-terms and wanted to devote more time and energy into this. Spring break starts this Monday so I will have ample time to focus on the beginning of the log. I'd like to extend my thanks and gratitude to John(Trauma1) and Primordial Performance for this opportunity. I hope I can provide a comprehensive and entertaining interactive experience for the forum. I will focus primarily on the product and my body's response to it, but if there is anything else anyone wants to see logged or explained, i.e., diet, workouts, etc..., just post it up and I will put it out there. O.k. Here we go. Enjoy all...


    I have been all natural for 3 weeks now. Prior to that I had just finished up a 4 week PCT w/Clomid and IBE's Formex. I will log the Formestane-LV for one month which will run up to my next cycle. I haven't decided what I will do next. I have read/researched "the dark side" for ~1 year and feel I am prepared for a first cycle of Test-E with possibly Deca and a kick-start of SD. If I wait until after summer on that, (which is likely), I will go with an Epi/Dienedione combo bridged to a propadrol/11-oxo cycle. My goals for the Formestane-LV run is to continue to slowly recomp. and just focus on dialing in my diet and training intensity. There are a few standard supplements I will be including, which I will list for you below.


    Conjugated-Linoleic Acid--Primordial Performance brand
    Alpha-Lipoic Acid
    GNC Vita-Pack sport MV/MM
    Stress-B Complex w/Vit. C
    Vit. E
    Fish Oil
    Chromium Picolinate
    BSN Cellmass (creatine)
    BCAA's--Nutra Planet brand

    DAY 1

    Upon waking, I took one 2ml dose with my morning supplements and breakfast followed 30 mins. later. Initial observations: The taste is quite good to my surprise. There is no bad aftertaste and the flavor is authentically grape and the consistency is pleasant. I chose not to mix it with anything, rather just shot it straight into the mouth. No chaser necessary. I really like the syringe/bottle interface. I was not expecting that. The syringe tip fitting into the bottle opening tightly, allows for completely mess free filling. The only caveat is I would have to push the solution back in the bottle a few times before the barrel filled evenly. The viscosity as it is makes it too difficult to try and get the air out after the fact. I did draw an equal amount of air into the syringe and depress into the bottle to keep even atmospheric pressure. None the less, this is a minor and quite insignificant issue but an observation I thought worth mentioning. For my afternoon dose I did the same at 2ml just before I hit the gym. Today was Chest/Bi's and it went really well. I had plenty of energy today despite being worn out from mid-terms and working. My final first day's dose was taken at 23:00 just after I arrived at work. So far there is nothing to report in the way of effects, which is expected and in line with all my previous experiences with Formestane. I did notice however, a slight warming of the body accompanied by some perspiration roughly 10 minutes post administration. This occurred all three times today. So far so good. I am excited for the effects to develop and become exposed over the next few days. I really enjoy the boost in intensity and aggression in the gym and in general, the lift in mood and confidence I get from Formestane. Again I'll mention, if anyone wishes me to include anything else in this log, please feel free to post up and I will do my best to accommodate. Until tomorrow, (er, later this morning), then.

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    Subbed, good luck bro!
    Thanks homey. Glad to have you along.

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  5. Just saw this. Good luck buddy. If you have any questions, just let me know.


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    Just inject.

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    Great! another log on formestane! Also here mate for your questions and support if needed, enjoy the cycle!


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