OEP Mega usplabs stack

  1. OEP Mega usplabs stack

    Ok peoples,
    I was very very lucky to be one of the VIp winners of the new USPLABS product OEP so i thought its time to give a review as best i can, it will be hard for me to single out the oep for this review but i will try too

    When i first got my box from the post office i opened it to see a small looking bottle bit like something you get from a pharmacy, not only that i got a booklet and 2 samples of jacked, WINNER lol THANKS

    My stack atm consists of, OEP, Bolic, recreate, Prime(just started), ALCAR, PLCAR, Dominatp

    7:30, 1 OEP, 2 Bolic, 800mg ALCAR, 800mg PLCAR
    11:00 2 Recreate, 800mg ALCAR
    4:30 1 or 2 OEP, 2 bolic, 800mg ALCAR, 800mg PLCAR
    4:45 3 scoops Dominatp
    6:30 1 recreate
    Prime 2 caps taking with 3 meals

    When i recieved my oep i had been cutting weight for some time, i started about 6 months ago and had a starting weight of 111kg after a bulk gone bad lol, i have been taking recreate and bolic for about 2 weeks before i started Oep and have taken them before with great success

    Before taking Oep i was taking jacked (origanal version) and loved the stim feeling, but OEP i beleive is better this **** had me wired at 1 cap i had heaps of energy and focus no jitters, 2 was off its dial, for me i think 1 cap is enough as at 2 i had a little crash later in the night, at 1 the oep seemed to tapper off better.

    As far as Appetite supression i felt like there was a little there but hard to tell as every time i take recreate i get really good appetite supression, im now at the point were i have to force myself to eat as ive got heaps of energy to keep going and going

    Over the last 6 months i havent really done alot of Cardio about once a week running, ive maily been focused on walking and diet so i cant really say much about this.

    Diet for the last couple of months has been very clean i eat alot of steak/tuna and veggies or salad, i have small portions and have almonds after each meal, i always give myself a cheat meal or 2 over the week ends and when i do i normally go for a long walk after

    when i first started OEP i had been losing weight too fast so i had to start eating more, think the combination of fat loss products were really starting to take full effect and work with each other, as you can see the scales are still going down as easy even though ive lost 20kg, the fat loss just doesnt seem to be slowing down at all, people are really noticing the amount of fat ive lost and have been telling me to eat more

    26th nov 89.5kg 197.3lb

    13th dec 86.1kg 189.8lb

    i highly recomend joining the inner circle here, Bodybuilding Supplements €“ Sports Supplements by USPLabs Direct
    and try this stuff as ive found in the past the price will be stupidly cheap, then you will be able to burn fat and have a brain that still works, i will be grabbing a few for myself

    i personally want to thanks USPLABS for giving us Aussies outside of the US a go as most companys forget about us when there running a company give away

  2. good review mate - have you shed some kilos! Would love to see some pics

    +1 on USPLabs looking out for us foreigners!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jakellpet View Post
    good review mate - have you shed some kilos! Would love to see some pics

    +1 on USPLabs looking out for us foreigners!
    I'll get some up when im done cutting still not happy can see the top of the 6 pack would like to see the whole lot

    on a side note since ive been cutting my strength went down and up and had settled, now ive started prime again my bench has gone up, im hoping to get it back to were it was before the cut


  5. Quote Originally Posted by GoHardOrGoHme View Post
    how could i resist there has been so many specials for usplab products of late

  6. where did u get the BOLIC?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by GoHardOrGoHme View Post
    where did u get the BOLIC?
    a dude in australia was selling it and i brought a few lol, i wouldnt worry word it that it will be getting re released again


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