You Down with O-E-P...ya you know me!

  1. You Down with O-E-P...ya you know me!

    Ok so first off, thansk to Jacob and USP for allowing me to be one of the VIP selections..I started O-E-P last Tuesday so I wanted to wait a week to get a read on OEP and give a solid review. I started with 1 cap upon waking then one later in the day for the first few days, and now I am at 2 upon waking and 1 later in the day.

    • Sense of Well being: 9/10 : Great Euphoric feeling!
    • Concentration/Focus/Motivation: 8.5/10 - This is a very nice benefit to have...Upon getting to work I am in much more focused and tuned in.
    • Thermo feeling: 7/10 (Is more apparent closer to dose, nothing too overbearing which is why I gave it a 7, definately noticable tho)
    • Appetite Suppression: 9/10 - I really like the supression it provides to me. It's not that it doesn't allow me to eat, cause I can if i want to I just don't need to. So what I am saying is that I am spacing my meals further apart and when I do eat I can eat (I don't have to force food down, then again I don't need as much to be satisfied)**Also note that I am currently taking Prime @ 9 caps/day on workout days, 6 on off I am sure this is enhancing my ability to eat, and it may be surperessed more if I wasn't on Prime since Prime drives up my appetite, however the combo of PRIME/OEP works well IMO.
    • Fat Loss: Too early to tell
    • Overall: 8.5/10

    Overall great product...and I will be picking up a ton of it at the IC.

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  2. just took 2nd dose for the day about 1/2 hr ago....first was at 8:15 am

    here comes the euphoria!! love it!

    best part is tha I havent experienced any issues with sleep following the second dose!

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