Gonzo is getting pumped up with ANADRAULIC PUMP(Sponsered)

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  1. Gonzo is getting pumped up with ANADRAULIC PUMP(Sponsered)

    LG Science is changing the game with its brand new NO ANADRAULIC PUMP! LG is trying to bring the nastiest pumps, and the best mental focus possible to those who need that extra leg up in the gym.
    This is a sponsored log (thank you LG) but expect a truthful, unbias evaluation.

    Flavor: Citrus
    Serving size: ~2.5 scoops(1 to 2 servings per dose)
    Serving time: ~20 mins before workout.

    Weight: 195
    Height: 5'9"
    Age: 21
    BF%: ~15%

    Mon: chest/tris
    wed: core/forearms
    Thrus: back/bis
    Sun : off
    my goal isn't really a cut but to drop BF, so cardio is done just about everyday, i dont have a set plan for it, just kinda what i'm feeling.

    Diet is clean, I'm not really cutting as I'm trying to drop BF. So my maintenance cals are around 3000, so daily intake is in the range of 2500-2800.
    My carbs are moderate, and fat is low, so the its been hard to get the energy to get through a full workout, so hopefully AP delivers.

    Other Sups:
    • Whey
    • creatine
    • amino 222
    • BCAA
    • CLA

    This is pretty much what i'm going to be paying most attention to.

    The scale ill be using is 1-10. 1=the worst, well below average workout 5=equal to average workout 10=best, very above average workout.

    Here is the best i can do with a starting pic
    Name:  Pre-AP.jpg
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Size:  218.4 KB

    Lets get this show on the road!

    Well, here is what you've all been waiting for the final review of my run of LG Science ANADRAULIC PUMP!. We'll start from the beginning.
    Started out with 1 serving about 20 mins pre workout and got decent results(good pump, alright focus, and energy) and no sides. Soon bumped this up to 2 servings or 6 scoops in which I found to be much better for someone my size. Had good results with pump, energy and focus. Here is a basic break down on a scale of 1 to 10(10 being the highest) of where this product falls in complete comparison to other products i've used and based on a natural (no pre w/o)

    Here is also a sample list profile of the product(taken from a Board rep)
    Ingredients Per Scoop:
    Aspartic Acid
    L-Arginine HCL
    Arginine AKG
    Arginine Orotate

    as you can see a lot of good stuff.

    I know some other tester weren't impressed with this aspect, but I sure was. So far this is the best pump I've gotten from a N.O/pre workout product. I felt full and tight throughout my workouts, and well into the time after my workouts. If you wanna really get your PUMP on, check this product out.

    ENERGY: 7.5
    First I must note, i'm not sensitive to stim at all. I've actually before running this was 2 weeks since any pre workout stim (off of jack3d, and most caffine throughout the day, besides a cup of coffee here and there) Either way I have a high tolerance to stim. But still I got clean energy kicking in ~5mins after drinking. Got the pep I needed in my step to get to the gym, specially on the days I didn't feel like it at first. For me the energy sometimes puckered out mid to late session. NO JITTERS, NO EXTREME ELEVATED HEART RATE, nothing out of the ordinary. IMO, this could be good for people who lift late and dont want their pre w/o keeping them out when they finally hit the hay.

    I'll place this just under an 8. I feel personally my focus is connected in a big way to my energy. If i'm hyped up and ready to go, my mind is in it to the end. and visa versa. At the same time while not so jacked up on stim, I did keep my head in the game and really worked on concentration through my sets and reps. This was enough to keep me going at times when I was seemingly just too tired to keep going after some long cardio, and min CHO intake.

    As I been saying all log, i'm not a veiny guy. I'm at or around 14 to 15% BF, but with the increased pumped I did notice some increased visible veins in my forearms, and biceps.

    there really wasn't any kind of sides like jitters or abnormally high heart rates. Maybe some dehydration post workout, but nothing too major, and not 100% sure if this was related to AP or not.

    Now the important question....

    Yes, I would buy this product as a pre workout. Personally I'd probably swap between Jack3d, a product a i get great results from in the energy department, and AP where its a cleaner energy, and not so much stim I feel as jack3d. So yes I would buy AP, and recommend people to atleast give it a shot. It can very well be someones go-to pre workout, and if not, deffinally a product to switch things up a bit.

    I looked around and I dont believe AP is out for sale just yet, but I do believe this will be replacing their Cold Fusion. I think AP will find it self a very nice spot among LG's lineup.

    Again, I would like you thank LG for this opportunity, hopefully i'll get a chance to run something again for them, and thanks for those who stuck around to see the results.

  3. Subbed man! Looking good! Think you're gonna like this product! Had some really good first impression! Push'er to the limits man!

  4. Day 1:

    Got my AP today, right before I was going to head out to the gym. This is when I just got back from a 5k run, so I was a bit puckered out, and at first wanted nothing to do with working out soon after.
    I took 3 scoops ~20 mins before my workout. First thing to notice is the color, a very vibrant yellow was a change of pace.
    Name:  AP-mix2.jpg
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Size:  208.5 KB

    Name:  AP-mix1.jpg
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Size:  213.0 KB

    Taste: This is were i was surprised first. We've all had some pretty rancid tasting supps in the past. This was actually good. I enjoyed drinking it. I put 3 scoops in about 8oz of tap water, shook and went. Taste was very good, toward the bottom I did get some unmixed grains, this could probably be solved with stirring with a spoon or something.

    Workout: (due to some other obligations, and a change in training for a few weeks some numbers have gone way down. )
    Bench: 185x8 185-7 185-6 155x10(2 forced) 155x10(2 forced, 2 negatives)
    Incline DB Bench: 55x8 55x8 55x8
    DB flat fly: 35x8 35x8 35x8
    Cable Cross: 30X15 30x15 30x15
    Cable overhead rope tri ext: 80x8 80x8 80x8
    Cable rope pull downs: 80X8 80X8 80X8
    *Skull crushers: 35x20 35x20 35x20
    *CGBench 35x10 35x10 35x10

    MOOD: 6.5
    • After my run, I did not want aynthing to do with the gym, but after getting some AP in me, that changed. I was ready to go. Midway though I did have to fight to keep going, but once I found an extra bout of focus that I normally dont find when I get that feeling I was re-modivated and finished strong
    ENERGY: 6
    • When I first took AP, it kicked in pretty fast. I was ready and content with getting to the gym, no jitters, just a nice boost of energy, like i said before though, It seemed it ran out half way, but found it again soon after
    PUMP: 8.5
    • This I liked very much. I had a nice swell, and when I was doing my superset of tris, it hurt to complete the move my tris were pumped so much
    • I was able to stay focus even when I was running low on fuel, to stay in and keep going. This is what I like the best about AP so far
    • Someone my BF its a little hard to be veiny, but I could tell that i was more so than normal

    SIDES: None-Low
    • Not sure if this is just related to my fatigue pre w/o then getting in the gym for some more, but after my w/o i was exhausted, and did have to urinate pretty bad.

    I'm hopeing things get better as this goes on, but so far this is showing some promising results.

  5. Awesome first workout brother!

  6. subbed my man!! Good updates, and looks like you got some results with that first dose! lookin forward to some more pumps in the future!

    Here's my log if your interested in subbin.

    LilSug6490 is Pumping up the Volume with LG's Anadraulic Pump (Sponsored)

  7. Subscribed!!

    SNS - Serious Nutrition Solutions
    My advice is exclusively my own and may not correspond with the views of SNS
    Questions or concerns? → conny[@]seriousnutritionsolutions.com

  8. Just a fast update, today is going to be a big day to try out AP. today is leg day, and well there is no better feeling to me than not being able to walk out of the gym. We'll see if AP can push me to the next level.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo14 View Post
    Just a fast update, today is going to be a big day to try out AP. today is leg day, and well there is no better feeling to me than not being able to walk out of the gym. We'll see if AP can push me to the next level.
    Awesome man! Smash those quads!

  10. Day 2:

    So yesterday was day 2 of taking AP. Yesterday I did not to any pre workout cardio. So I was ready ready to hit the gym, Poured and mixed my AP and was ready to go.
    I mixed 3 scoops around 20 or so mins before my workout.
    I felt i had more undissolved deposits today than i did yesterday. Minus when I get a mouthful of powder it tastes good in my opinion.
    My workout went link this.
    As many rounds of 5 pullups 10 pushups 15 body weight squats as possible in 20 mins(this was the crossfit WoD)
    So i completed 10 rounds in 20 mins, got a good sweat out of it, then hit my leg workout.

    Squats 225x5 225x5 225x5 135x10 135x10 135x10
    (some pain in my left shin from old injury)
    Single leg leg press 245x10 245x10 245x10 245x10 245x10
    Leg press 445x15 445x15 445x15
    Single Leg sitting ham curls 30x20 30x20 30x20
    sitting ham curls 30x2030x20
    Standing Calf raises 240x25 240x25 240x25

    Mood: 6.7
    Overall, a little more positive in the gym, nothing to crazy though.

    I dont know if it is because I do have a high tolerance to stim, or weather there isn't a lot of stim in this product, but I dont get super jacked up with energy. I do get a pep in my step, when i'm walking bout the door and into the gym, but not enough to jack me up.

    I love this aspect about this product, doing my ham curls, my hams felt like bowling balls, My plan was to do 5 sets on the calf raises, but after 3 my calf's were swollen and pumped to the max I just couldn't. Personally I love that feeling. After my set of squats, my quads were pumped and really looked and felt dense and solid.

    I didn't feel my focus was 100% on par today, When doing the WoD, getting to my set goal of 10, I really hauled ass towards the end, so my focus was pretty good through that, but at times I find myself feeling super concentrated like I do on Jack3d, This I believe has to do with the lack of stim, or energy I get from it.

    Again, i'm not a veiny guy, but I speculate if my BF was a few % lower, I would have etter results with this.

    Unless you consider a ham pump so good it hurts to walk a side, there is none to report, my exhaustion and urination did not occur. However I'm more sore than usual, so I do feel this is raising my intensity bar.

    I know doses are 1-2 servings so i'm probably going to bump my dose from 3 scoops to 5, I want to see how anyone(possibly from LG) feels about this. I'm not going to take AP today pre w/ mostly because its a cardio/core/forearm day, and i'm interested to see how the results are after a day off.

  11. Expect yesterday and todays update tonight, busy night last night studying for a physics test.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo14 View Post
    Expect yesterday and todays update tonight, busy night last night studying for a physics test.
    Look forward to it man

  13. DAY 3&4
    ok so i'm gonna combine 3 and 4 together. this would be this past thrusday and Friday. which were back and shoulders. I bumped up my dosage these two days to 5 scoops. And I can say this was a great transition. More focus, more energy, great pumps, and now an increased in vasculnity.

    probably i'm focused and feeling good when i'm ready to hit the gym, even after a long day of studying, and stress.
    ENERGY: 8
    Much better at 5 scoops than 3. Clean energy kicking in ~5 mins after drinking, and pumping up as I start to get ready for the actual lifting. Lasted well into my workout, but taped off towards the end.
    This is also better because I had more energy, concentrated on muscle-mind connection, and felt like I was the only one in the gym.
    This is improving as time goes on. I find my self more vascular thoughout the day, and during my workout
    still my favorite part. I feel my arms getting a pump just outside the gym, doing normal everyday things. I feel tight, and full during my workouts. I love it.

    So overall I feel 2 servings is much better for me than one. Also I've been more sore this week than I have been in a while, so I believe I'm pushing myself harder with AP than before. The pumps are great, the energy and focus aren't bad, overall a good product so far.
    I took today, or well yesterday(sat nov 14th) off and will get back at it tomorrow.

  14. subbed.. awesome layout, gonna definetely have to steal this for my log ..
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  15. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    subbed.. awesome layout, gonna definetely have to steal this for my log ..
    thanks man, your gonna enjoy this product.

  16. Day 6:

    Day 6 was yesterday, another chest and tri day. Did some cardio earlier in the day, then hit the gym, slightly unmotivated at first, but AP changed that like it has been, again taking 2 servings about 20mins before my first lift. Its really working for me.
    So heres the workout, you'll see some numbers went up from last week, I believe this is do to increased focus, and energy.

    Bench 185x5 225x5 225x5 22x5 185x5 135x8
    Super Slow Reps Bench 135x10 135x10 135x10
    DB Fly 35x10 35x10 35x10 35x10 35x10
    *Cable cross 30x15 30x15 30x15
    *Push ups BWx15 BWx15 BWx15
    French press 15x25 15x25 15x25
    Overhead rope tri ext 80x8 80x8 80x8
    cable tri ext 80x25 80x25 80x25

    AP really got me motivated to get into the gym, after a run that left me kinda winded.
    ENERGY: 8.5
    Energy from AP was great, and also greatly needed. again 2 servings is working better for me than 1, still clean energy, lasting through majority of my workout. Really able to push out the extra weight.
    Challenged myself with some heavier weight, and got it done. Focused energy from ap got me through some pretty hard sets.
    Vasculaintiy is slightly elevated, but not anything Major.
    Enjoying the long lasting tight pumps in my chest and tris, for some good time post w/o
    no sides to report

  17. So the focus on this stuff is pretty good eh?

  18. Nice log bro. Interesting product!

  19. subb
    Body Performance Solutions
    Home: http://bpsnutrition.net/
    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    So the focus on this stuff is pretty good eh?
    I liked the focus improvement very much, I get in and do my thing doing my sets its just me and the bar.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo14 View Post
    I liked the focus improvement very much, I get in and do my thing doing my sets its just me and the bar.
    This is great! What serving size are you up to? I tried 3 servings the other day and WOW!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Cpo View Post
    This is great! What serving size are you up to? I tried 3 servings the other day and WOW!
    I didn't try 3 servings, was very happy with results from 2 servings(6scoops) and wanted it to last lol, Now that I think it, i'm curious what my results would of been on 3 servings. but I dont have enough left.

  23. DAY 7:

    Sorry for the delay, but day 7's dose was tuesday, leg day. I took 6 scoops about ~15 mins before gym (was running a bit late) Again the results are consistent. the workout went like so

    Leg press 760x10 760x10 760x10 760x10 760x10
    Squats 135x12 135x12 135x12 135x12 135x12(super slow reps)
    Hack squat 135x10 135x10 135x10
    Leg ext 55x25 55x25 55x25 55x25 55x25
    Leg curl 40x25 40x25 40x25 40x25 40x25
    calf raises 250x25 250x25 250x25

    Motivated, and ready to go even with the stress turned on. I like it.
    ENERGY: 8
    I liked the boost in energy, felt a little flat though, a lot of school work right now, so that could be a reason why I wasn't fully into it. But none the less I got in, got my work done, and didn't cut anything short.
    Again, a little flat but Got through the grueling leg day. Didn't let myself get off easy, and AP had a helping hand in that.
    Still the same, feel a little more veiny throughout my workouts, nothing major though.
    My legs felt full, and tight. I've read around on some other logs that people aren't impressed with the pump, which is interesting cause personally i'm experiencing very good pumps. On the other hand, I never got great pumps from superpump250, which other people have.
    i've noticed after 6 scoops dosing, i'm a bit dehydrated after words, this is the second time I've felt like this, so it kinda leads me to believe that its related to AP.

    Wedsenday was mainly core and cardio so I didn't take AP. Today(thrusday) looks like it will be my last dose of AP, probably can get 4 or so scoops out of it. So far this has been a great ride, and hoping to finish strong.


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