Rodja's One Stop Journey (sponsored)

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  1. Rodja's One Stop Journey (sponsored)

    First, much love to AN and even more to those that voted for me to run a sponsored log of this. For the first time in many, many a moon I am lifting and eating with the sole purpose of LBM gains, but I am still trying to increase my numbers on all lifts.

    Starting Stats:
    188 lbs (~167.3 lbs LBM, 20.7 lbs BF)
    ~11% BF (via 7-point calipers)

    195 lbs (~177.5 lbs LBM, 17.5 lbs BF)
    9% BF

    My starting BF is high for me and I fully expect this to drop as I continue to tighten the diet and do my cardio.
    Current Routine:
    Mon-Chest/Biceps, Cardio or MMA
    Tue-Legs/Core, BJJ
    Wed-Cardio or MMA
    Thur-Triceps/Delts, Cardio

    Main Lifts for Assessment:
    Front Squats-205x3
    Lat Pulls-205x6
    BB Rows-295x12
    Overhead Press-165x10

    Front Squats-225x5
    Lat Pulls-225x8
    BB Rows-335x12
    Overhead Press-185x10

    Xtend-15g post-WO
    WMS-75g post-WO
    ATW Blend-2 scoops 30 mins after Xtend/WMS drink
    ON Casein-2 scoops pre-bed
    RPM-4 caps pre-WO
    Fish Oil-10g day

    The One dosing-3 caps/day (1 with breakfast, 2 pre-WO)

    Meal 1-4 eggs (2 whole, 2 whites), 6 oz turkey sausage, 10-12 oz red potatoes, fruit, 1 The One
    Meal 2-Protein shake (whey/casein blend yielding 45g), 5g fish oil
    Meal 3-6 oz chicken, 2 cups rice, 8 oz green beans, fruit, 2 The One
    Meal 4-Xtend/BCAA...30 minutes...Whey shake
    Meal 5-10 oz steak, 6 oz green beans/broccoli
    Meal 6-Protein shake (2 scoops ON Casein), 5g fish oil

    I am going to keep a keen eye on hypo feelings since almost every PH/PS has always made me crash late in the day if I don't eat enough carbs throughout the day. As it stands now, my macros are roughly 240g protein, 250g carbs, 50g fat. Note that this is a rough outline and will probably increase as the GLUT-4 receptors become more active as the cycle progresses. This eating is only for the weekdays; on the weekends, I like to spike the hell out of my kcal consumption with 3-4 "dirty" meals laced throughout the weekend, but it still falls within my 10% wiggle room.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  2. Rodja,

    When is your workout?

    Edit: Just an FYI to try to get your 2nd dose in as early as possible if you ever have trouble sleeping or go to bed early.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post

    When is your workout?
    Between 3 or 4, depending on class and work.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. Good luck with this; I really need to get my hands on some calipers.

  5. Can't wait to follow this log, see you around on AM alot Rodja glad you go the opportunit to do this log.

  6. Yesterday's training (had not started taking The One, but just to throw the numbers up)

    HS Incline-100x10, 110x8
    Flat DB Press-3x75x8
    Incline Fly-3x50x10
    Dips-BW+25x10, BW+45x8
    Cable Crossovers-2x50x12, 70x10...drop...40x15
    Cambered Curls-2x95x8
    DB Curls-3x40x10
    HS Preacher-95x12, 120x8
    Overhead Rope Curls-45x12, 50x12

    First day back in the weight room in over a week (took last week off to taper for my fight that didn't happen). Strength was solid, but not spectacular and pump was marginal due to low plasma volume from not drinking enough water throughout the day.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. coolio!

  8. 3/3-Legs, Cardio

    First, a preface to those who are not familiar with my training. I have not worked out my legs seriously in almost 3 years now. The main reason for the that is that I am very lower-body heavy and the size of my thighs was affecting every part of my MMA game, some good, some bad. The power was nice, but it was not beneficial to have 65% of my mass in my lower half, plus it made some submissions very, very difficult (triangles, for example). It is not a flexibility issue either; I can put my foot behind my head and do the horizontal splits. In fairness of the log, I have decided to go back into the squat rack and train (albeit at a small volume) my legs.

    10 minutes elliptical

    Back Squats-225x5, 235x3
    Unilateral LP-330x8, 2x250x8
    Walking DB Lunges-2x60x12
    Uni Leg Ex-2x50x12
    Uni Kneeling Leg Curl-40x15
    Seated Calf Raises-2x90x15

    15 minutes power walking/jogging

    I realized from this session that my mechanics for squats have gotten awful and I struggled with the form. Not so much the depth, but more of the kinetic syncing. My hamstrings have definitely gotten much, much weaker and my lower back is not conditioned to hold that kind of weight behind me. That being said, I pushed as hard as I could and still had a really good training session. Quads are mildly sore, but glutes/hams are extremely tender. I used the accumulation principle for cardio to avoid the monotony of it. The main struggle I had was that it had been only about 18 hours since my last weight training session and had not consumed enough kcals during this time frame.


    I was not really able to run full-bore, but I was able to get in a 30-minute cardio session.

    5 minutes jump rope
    15 minutes shadow kickboxing
    10 minutes running

    Didn't get very winded during this, but worked up a good sweat. Having a mild increase to my caloric intake (adding 15g of SuperCarb to my WMS/Xtend drink) along with an extra 10g of fat before bed. Based off my kinesthetic sense, I am going to be adding kcals into my diet every week because I am prone to bouts of hypoglycemia.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  9. I'm in on this one as well. Good luck achieving some great results bud.

    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.

  10. Thanks for the pre-One w/o #s so we can compare strength changes. Pre pics soon? Its exciting since change is supposed to be quite quick while on The One, so maybe 2-3 weeks.
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  11. Trying to get pre-pics either tonight or tomorrow.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  12. in my man. going to be watching closely. after all, i voted for you

    good luck.

  13. rodja for my blessing im gonna require you to send me lipoderm Deployed blogging

  14. Give it hell, rod!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Guejsn View Post
    I understand the lower-body heavy (re legs, especially quads).

    Anyways, great start to the log. Any bloods planned on? (I see pics will be coming).
    I'm the opposite! And always envious of those with bigger quads!

  16. I'm in Rodja, very interested in all The One Logs. Subbed Best of Luck man.

  17. Subbed - gonna watch this ONE too...

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Guejsn View Post
    I understand the lower-body heavy (re legs, especially quads).

    Anyways, great start to the log. Any bloods planned on? (I see pics will be coming).
    Going to check on the $$ of the tests today.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  19. I'm also interested to see how the 1 with breakfast/2 pre-WO dosing works out. Good luck!

  20. Here to witness.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Going to check on the $$ of the tests today.
    Great stuff. If you like I can send you through a complete list of the bloods that would be IDEAL to see.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Guejsn View Post
    Great stuff. If you like I can send you through a complete list of the bloods that would be IDEAL to see.
    Please, do.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  23. 3/5-Back/Core
    BB Rows-275x12, 315x8
    Lat Pulls-2x200x8, 205x8
    DB Rows-115x12, 120x10
    HS Underhand High Rows-145x8
    Underhand Cable Rows-180x12, 200x12
    Hypers/Hanging Leg Raises-3xBW+25x15/3x15

    This training session flew by and I had some tremendous aggression throughout the entire time. I had a great pump from this and my strength was very high, but I didn't want to try to pull some higher weights just yet so I could let my body adapt to the new training rigors. BW was 188.4 after a shower and in shorts and I have noticed that this compound has a lot of DHT-like qualities: very dry, increased aggression, improved strength, and a glycogen monster. I am very hungry from this and am trying to not too ahead of myself since this is only day 3. That being said, I am generally not this hungry and/or thirsty throughout the day even though I am around my normal level of activity, caloric intake, and water consumption.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  24. Agree on the DHT-like qualities.


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