Summary of 1-T Cycle:

Beginning weight: 160 even

Ending weight: 170 even

Beginning lifts:

Deadlift: 405x3
Bench: 225x8 (don't ask)
Squat: 315x5

Ending Lifts:

Deadlift: 405x8
Bench: 225x12
Squat: 315x8

I used the same weights to test how many more reps I could do. I thought this was the fairest test.

Body Fat:

Remained the same. I was bulking

Cycle Ran:

Week 1-4: 5 Pumps of 1-T Every Morning
Week 1-2: 10mg Epistane
Week 3-4: 20mg Epistane
Week 1-4: AI Cycle Support

Comments on Cycle:

Gains definitely come the last week the most. I gained ~7 lbs in the first three weeks, and 3lbs in just the last week. The transdermal formula is really nice, like lotion. Very professional.

I think one bottle is good for 10lbs in about 4 weeks if you are very good with diet and everything, but I think if you got 2 bottles and ran it like this, 15lbs in 6 weeks is very obtainable:

Week 1-6: 7 pumps 1-T Daily

This would require 2 bottles.

I think the best PCT for this would be:

Sustain Alpha + AI Post Cycle Support.

Other ways 1-T can be used:

At the beginning of a cycle of anabolics, instead of an oral steroid. Much safe on the liver. Example:

Week 1-4: 5 pumps 1-T Daily
Week 1-10: 500mg Test E/week

To those of you who jump on the 1-T train, Enjoy.