Poppin my cherry..a DTH/RPM LOG!(sponsored...by my bank account)

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  1. Poppin my cherry..a DTH/RPM LOG!(sponsored...by my bank account)

    Hey everybody, hope everyone had a great Christmas. I wanted to start the new year off with my first log. I will be running RPM and Diesel Test Hardcore for about 5 weeks. This is my first log so if there is anything you guys would like specifically, let me know. I will post before and after pics, my before pics will be up Fri as my mom went out of town and took the camera. Making this log mainly for myself to keep track of things and make consistent progress, but hopefully it benefits some other members too. Ok...onward....
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 202lbs.
    BF: 12% (estimate, will post pics and have you guys see)

    1. Strength Gains
    2. Gain 2-3 lbs. of muscle or a nice recomp

    Sun: Chest/Light Tris
    Mon: Back/light bis
    Tues: Legs
    Wed: Shoulders
    Thur: Bis/Tris/Forearms
    Fri/Sat: OFF
    * I do 10 min of HIIT cardio 2-3x per week at the end of my workout.
    * I will post up my workouts

    I am currently dosing 3 DTH 6 times a week(one day off) and 2 RPM only on workout days. I will adjust accordingly.

    Other Supplements
    ATW Whey Blend
    NOW Adam Multi
    Fish Oil

    Alright, I'm hoping to get some good progress with this log, I've never made a detailed log of my training. Hit me up with any suggestions, questions, etc. I'm also going to make side notes on the osteosport based on what I notice. Thanks, everyone have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :bb3:

  2. BEFORE-Yeah I make dumb faces...

  3. I will be subscribing. Good Luck!

  4. Day 1-Chest/Light Tris
    Incline DB Press: 80x9/80x8/80x7/85x5
    Incline BB Press: 155x10/155x9/155x8/165x6
    Low Setting Cable Flys: 120(I think, #6 on each side)x6/
    Reverse Grip Tri Pushdowns:52.5x12/57.5x10/57.5x10/67.5x8

    Great workout today! I should note I've already been taking the diesel test at 2 pills per day for four days, today was first day at 3 pills. No real aggression, etc. I had good energy, and on a side note this was the BEST my left shoulder has felt in a while doing back to back incline movements (thanks osteosport?) I'm really excited for the next month.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    I will be subscribing. Good Luck!
    Great! Good to have ya Tex...

  6. Did you run the BB Incline press to failure each set?

  7. sweet I will check this out, keep it going

  8. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    Did you run the BB Incline press to failure each set?
    Yeah pretty much except for my first set b/c I was being cautious, usually going till failure on two incline movements in a row bugs my shoulder, but that first set felt so smooth, I went to failure on all sets after this.

  9. Real interested in this log bro. I'll be watching, might even start my own log.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by wesb2387 View Post
    Real interested in this log bro. I'll be watching, might even start my own log.
    Sweet man! Let me know if you do~

  11. Day 2-Back/Light Bis
    Deads: 235x6/235x6/235x6/235x6
    Plated Loaded Bent Over Row(Ham.Strenght): 80x8/80x8/80x8/90x6
    Pulldowns(Not sure if plates are 10 or 12lbs each. I went conservative w/ 10): 100x10/110x8/110x7/130x5
    Underhand Row(HammerStrenght): 140x8/180x6
    Reverse Preacher Curls: 40x10/40x9/40x9

    Overall a pretty good workout. Had some good energy and a bit of aggression when this kid was resting on the underhand row machine for like 5 min, but nothing unusual. I talked to Chuck and will take his advice and start dosing my DTH 2 in the AM and 1 4-6 hrs later as opposed to the 2 before my workout. Shoulder felt good today

  12. Day 3-OFF
    I decided to take today off because neither my legs or shoulders were feeling fully recovered, I think the deads and my cardio yesterday took a bigger toll on my legs than I thought. I'll do legs and shoulders tomorrow. Still dosed the diesel today, Saturdays will be my day off from the DTH. Still not feeling much with it, but I've only been at 3 pills for four days now. Didn't take any RPM today. I'll post up my workout tom. Take care.

  13. No worries DTH should kick in , in a few days at the latest. Judging by the fact you haven't mentioned any headaches it sounds like you're consuming enough water

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    No worries DTH should kick in , in a few days at the latest. Judging by the fact you haven't mentioned any headaches it sounds like you're consuming enough water
    Yeah I'm sure it will kick in soon enough. I've had some mild ones but I drink more water and they're gone, so now I just chug like 3 glasses with em I'm thinkin about uppin the DTH to 4 caps next week. Think I should stick with 3 a little longer?

  15. DAY 4-Shoulders
    I really wanted to do legs today but they were STILL fatigued I guess I need to get used to doing cardio consintently again. I upped my RPM to 3 and I think it was a bit too much, I'm still pretty sensitive to caffeine I took ResetAD a little while back...I'll bump it back down to 2. I had a solid workout, pretty quick, little rest, felt great. No problems with my shoulder.
    Military BB Press: 135x10/145x7/145x5/155x3
    DB Front Raises: 22.5x9/22.5x8/22.5x8
    DB Side Raises: 30x7/30x7/30x7
    Rear Delt Fly Machine: 55x10/70x8/70x8/85x7
    Felt good the whole workout and I was suprised at my last set of the rear delt machine.
    I want to wish everyone a safe and happy new year! Take care and be safe!

  16. DAY 5(New Years Day)-OFF
    Drank a little too much New Year's Eve to attempt a workout today.

  17. DAY 6-ARMS
    Pretty good workout today. I was a little out of it, either I'm getting sick or just still recooping from New Years, but I still had a solid workout. I was really pressed for time, but it definately proved that my ENDURANCE is up, my rest time was quite a bit shorter (like 1 min shorter) than usual and I got the same or more reps/weight than usual. Good stuff. I also has a random spout of aggression as all these d-bags with pinnacle wrestling (my old hs) were just standing in front of the dumbell rack talking. Like 6 of them. For a good 5 minutes. I had to steamroll right in the middle of them to put up my weights and they didn't move. I wonder what their training log would look like hahaha. Alright so I think I'm starting to feel the DTH, I'm going up to 4 pills starting on Sunday(Sat is my day off of dosing it). Here's the training for anyone who's interested
    DB Incline Curl: 35x9/35x8/35x7/40x5
    DB French Press: 80x12/85x10/85x10/90x8
    Straight Bar Curl: 70x7/70x7/70x7
    Reverse Grip Pushdowns: 57.7x10/57.5x10/62.5x8
    Reverse Preacher Curls: 45x8/45x8/45x8
    Close Grip Bench: 155x10/155x10/175x6
    Didn't have time for forearms or any cardio today.

  18. Day 7-OFF
    I don't want to go to work today. Have a good weekend everyone. I'll post up tomorrow, chest and light tris and I'm going to start 4 DTH per day. Also thinking about trying it with only one RPM because Friday had me shaking or something a little bit.

  19. Hows the DTH ? starting to feel it?

  20. DAY 8-Chest/Light Tris
    Today I upped the dose to 4 DTH's. It was definately a good decision. I had really good strength, some great pumps and good endurance. I can't wait for this next week to hit it hard. Again on doing two incline movements for chest where my shoulder usually sucks, it felt really good today (osteosport )
    I forgot my workout log but here's what I remember:
    DB Incline: 80x10/80x10/80x8/90x4 (Up significantly from last week)
    BB Incline: 155x10/155x10/155x8/165x5
    Reverse Tri Pushdown: 57.5x12/62.5x10/77.5x6
    Cable Flys(On lowest setting): 120x6/100x8/60x10

    I felt great the whole workout, dit 10 min of HIIT cardio after as well. I'm really likin the diesel test. I will post my before pictures in a few min!!

  21. DAY 9-Back/Light Bis
    Great workout today. Second day on 4 pills of DTH and it's def. kicking in. I had strength increases on EVERY lift today. Awesome, loving it. Tomorrow will be great I can get a real full night's sleep tonight.
    Bent Over Row HammerStrength:80x10/90x8/90x8/100x6
    Lat Pulldown:100x12/110x9/110x7/130x6
    Underhand Row H.S.: 180x8/200x6
    DB Shrugs(Hold at top for 3 sec.):65x8/65x8/70x6
    *I didn't do any biceps today because they felt pretty fried after the above and I was running late.
    Felt great today. Hell yeah Diesel! RPM had me sailin thru with great energy as well.

  22. whats ur routine?
    chest tris

  23. chest/tris
    shoulders or legs or both
    shoulders or legs or both
    I'm hoping after getting more used to HIIT cardio and heavy deads again my legs won't be sore the day after back, ideally that's when I'd like to hit them. I took today off, my car wouldn't start ugh...

  24. DAY 11-Shoulders
    I overslept and was pretty groggy all day today. Despite feeling so out of it, strength was up on all lifts today which was awesome, I just wasn't all there mentally. Still a good workout. Legs tomorrow, ugh.
    BB Military: 145x8/145x7/145x6/155x4
    DB Front Raises: 22.5x10/22.5x9/22.5x8
    DB Side Raises: 30x8/30x7/30x7
    Rear Delt Fly Machine: 70x10/70x1/85x7/100x6
    I really need to bust ass on legs tomorrow, skipped em last week.

  25. sick, how many pills u taking a day? still taking 4?

  26. subbed bro, this looks interesting

  27. Quote Originally Posted by theBIGcactus View Post
    sick, how many pills u taking a day? still taking 4?
    Yeah I took four today, tomorrow is my day off from it, then Sunday I will begin taking 5. I'm excited! So far I've had stredy strength increases EVERY workout (even if it's just a rep or two, still progress...) I will post up yest. leg workout and today's arm workout in a bit.

  28. Quote Originally Posted by panther77 View Post
    subbed bro, this looks interesting
    Sweet man, so far so good!

  29. Sorry for the gap in updates. Here are my workouts thus far, I'll just post the numbers, don't really remember how I 'felt' etc thurs and fri.
    DAY 12-Legs
    ATG Squats:185x7/185x6/165x8
    Leg Ext:110x9/110x8/110x7
    Seated Calf Raises(slow controlled with squeeze held at top):45x10/55x9/65x8/75x7
    Leg Curls: 70x10/70x10/70x8
    Yep legs are my weakest link.

  30. DAY 13-Arms
    Incline DB Curl:40x8/40x8/40x7
    DB Seated Fench Press:85x12/90x10/95x6
    Straight Bar Curl: 70x8/70x7/70x7
    Reverse Tri Pushdown: 62.5x10/67.5x9/77.5x6
    Reverse Preacher Curls:50x8/50x7/50x5
    Close Grip Bench:165x9/165x7/165x7
    Strength was up on everything today

  31. DAYS 14&15-OFF
    A nice weekend off with plenty of sleep haha
    Sat. I didn't take the diesel it's the day I don't take it and Sunday I upped to 5 pills a day.

  32. Day 16-Chest/Light Tris
    DB Incline:80x10/80x7/80x8
    BB Incline:155x11/155x9/165x6
    Low Cable Flys:100x10/100x8/100x6
    Reverse Tri Pushdown: 62.5x11/67.5x8/77.5x7
    I also finished off with a burnout on the chest press hammer strength 100lbs for 20 reps, great pump.
    Overall today was OK. I slept like SH*T last night and was definately feelin it today. I was a little disappointed with my DB Incline performance. Actually really dissapointed. Oh well, just more motivation for next time. And tonight I will sleep great Last week of winter break I will continue the Diesel and RPM and this log till the end of Jan (or till they run out) then I am changing up my training (3x a week due to horrid school sched. next sem.) and going 'bare bones' for supps for a while (whey, multi & fish oil only)
    Take care

  33. DAY 17-Back
    Today was a kick ass workout. I got plenty of sleep and took my RPM and DTH and was ready to go today. Strength increases all around, I'm finally starting to get my deadlift strength back. Great energy and focus, and I was pumped the whole time.
    Bent Over HS Row:80x12/90x9/100x7/100x6
    Lat Pulldown:110x10/110x7/130x6(took a long rest before this set)
    Underhand Row HS Machine:200x8/200x6/140x? Just held the squeeze at the end of the movement for as long as I could, negative back for somewhere around 8 reps.
    I didn't do Bis today because I noticed a sharp pain in my left bicep that sometimes bothers me a little bit. I'm going to take Fri off from Bis and just do tris and forearms.

  34. sweet I cant wait to start

  35. Quote Originally Posted by theBIGcactus View Post
    sweet I cant wait to start
    When are you starting your run?

  36. DAY 18-OFF
    My body is feelin pretty worn and my legs are still sore from deads so I'm taking today off.

  37. Probably next week just got a new job so im transitioning when I workout and stuff but ill be ready then im sure

  38. DAY 19-Shoulders and Tris
    Decided to throw Tris in with shoulders b/c I was taking it easy on my bis this week, I had weird pain in my left bi on back day, minor, but I'm playing it safe.
    Military BB:145x9/145x7/145x6/135x6
    Front DB Raise:30x7/30x7/30x7
    Lateral DB Raise:35x6/35x6/35x7
    Rear Delt Machine:90x9/100x7/100x7
    I did something completely different for tris since this week was already different, I didn't bother recording anything b/c I'll go back to my usual tri exercises for the remainder of this run. Felt pretty good, happy w/ my first set of military, and my increases in front and side raises.

  39. DAY 20-Legs
    I just decided to do calf raises, sprints, and the stairmaster today. I had really been neglecting cardio.

  40. DAYS 21&22-OFF
    A nice restful weekend for me, work sat. night was a breeze (I unload the trucks at Best Buy on Sat nights, this week's was really small) and sunday I just lounged around. Back to school tuesday....ugh


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