Shifty gets JACKED!

  1. Shifty gets JACKED!

    So, I just threw in 2 scoops of USP Labs JACKED in half a bottle of water.

    Initial Thoughts:
    Taste is very good. Mixability is pretty good as well, minus a very little bit sitting at the bottom of the bottle... Probably the least important aspects of a Pre-workout supp IMO, but so far so good....

    I'm off to the gym now for a back workout. I'll let you guys know how it goes when I get back.....

  2. Great to hear. Did you receive your sample of PowerFULL as well?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    Great to hear. Did you receive your sample of PowerFULL as well?
    Yes I did.... Thanks!

    As for the Jacked... The first thing I noticed was an ever so slight feeling of parasthesia from the beta alanine. If I had to guess, I'd say there's about 1g per scoop, possibly a bit less. I also got hit with a rather sudden urge to . Nothing horrible, so I just brushed it off and went on my way.

    By the time I got to the gym, I had plenty of energy to throw down a full back workout in the 45 minutes I had until the gym closed (which is part of the reason why I brushed off the poo urge.) The energy was borderline jittery for me. I usually take one 60mg cap of NP Geranium Extract pre-workout and I can say I had more energy with the Jacked, but not as clean as straight 1,3-dimethyl.

    Pumps were pretty solid for it being a back day. Back felt really full and my arms and forearms were also feeling really good. But my arm day and chest day are my two favorite days to judge a product's pump effectiveness.

    The stomach discomfort continued through the entire workout and I even felt like I mighta puked after a few of the really tough sets. That feeling lasted until I came home and hit the bathroom. It seemed as though I was just really gassy... Lots of indigestion...

    Another thing I noticed out of the ordinary was the smell of my urine. Absolutely disgusting! But for as rank ass as the stench was, the color was pretty much completely clear.

    Overall, it seems as though this is a great pre-workout supplement, especially for the price. Decent focus and plenty of energy. None of the fluff that other companies throw in. Just the solid basics. I like it because I can add in the things that I know work really well for me. This is just a solid base to start with.

    I will continue to update this review until the end of next week. I wanna try this stuff out exclusively for an entire week's worth of workouts and then go from there. I'd like to find out if the stomach discomfort, funky piss smell, jitters, etc. can all actually be attributed to the Jacked or if they were associated with something else. It wouldn't be a fair review otherwise.....

  4. Great review man... I just recieved my 3 tubs of Jacked yesterday along with the Powerfull sample and cant wait to try it out tomorrow. I'll be hitting chest/back tomorrow and let you guys know how it works.

  5. Took 2 scoops before today's arm workout...

    I have to say, I was much more impressed today. I didn't feel nearly as jittery as I did yesterday. Much more clean, focused energy today for some reason. Must not have eaten enough yesterday or something...

    Pumps were amazing. I felt a pretty decent pump after my first set of preacher curls. My arms kept feeling fuller and harder as the workout went on...

    Zero stomach discomfort today. Again, it must have had something to do with what I ate and the time in which I ate.

    I'm still pretty convinced that there's only about 1g of BA per scoop. I could feel the parasthesia in my face and ears for a short time, but nothing compared to when I dose my bulk BA at ~3g....

    Another thing I meant to mention yesterday was increased thirst through the workout. Yesterday, I was extremely thirsty all workout. Today, not so bad, but I still found myself frequenting the drinking fountain much more than usual.

    Lastly, I was so impressed with today's pump, I came home and took some quick arm measurements. Biceps were at 17" and forearms were 14". They were measured roughly 15 or 20 minutes after my last set.... I'll throw up some measurements tomorrow to compare.

    Oh, one more question. Does anyone know if 1,3-Dimethyl is a bronchiodialator?



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