Ribosomes are the small molecular factories in your cells that create proteins needed for energy production. As you age they decline and get damaged and until now there was no way to counteract this process.

Introducing RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract. A clinically proven energy enhancer and Ribosome Biogenesis enhancer.

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Are you one of the millions of Americans plagued by general fatigue? Address the problem at the cellular level with RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract, a clinically validated formula that reduces general fatigue and maintains healthy energy levels. RiboGen™ delivers bioactive polyphenol compounds called roburins which support ribosomes, the small molecular factories in your cells that create proteins needed for energy production. So don’t let general fatigue slow you down. Try RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract today!

Benefits at a Glance

Reduce general fatigue
Maintain healthy energy levels
Support energy at the cellular level
Provides roburins for healthy ribosome production

Are you one of the millions of Americans plagued by fatigue?

Common complaints from general fatigue include unrefreshed sleep, low energy, weakness, and head and muscle discomfort.

An effective solution to general fatigue must originate at the cellular level.1,2 RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract may meet this essential need.

Support for Cellular Factories

RiboGen™, a proprietary extract of the French oak tree (Quercus robur), provides unique bioactive polyphenol compounds called roburins. Evidence suggests that roburins support ribosomes, which are the small molecular factories in the cell that create proteins in the body.3,4

Oak wood extract is now being hailed for its ability to support ribosomal biogenesis, the body’s natural way of restoring ailing ribosomes.5-7 Researchers found that a regimen with oak wood extract upregulated important genes involved in ribosomal biogenesis.4

In a human study, researchers found that RiboGen™ provided the following benefits:8

18% reduction in weakness and exhaustion.
44% reduction in unrefreshing sleep.
33% reduction in head discomfort.
51% reduction in joint discomfort.
63% reduction in muscle discomfort.

RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract

Oak has been considered as the most venerated tree for centuries. It was sacred to Hebrews, Greeks (Zeus), Romans (Jupiter), Teutonic tribes (Thor) as well as to Celtic Druids as a symbol of fecundity and immortality.

This product is the ideal option for those who would like to target complaints of general fatigue at the subcellular level throughout the body, including:

Maintaining energy levels.
Promoting ribosomal production of structural and functional proteins.
Supporting vital body activities affected by energy metabolism.
Minimizing fatigue-related, quality-of-life decline associated with normal aging.

So reduce general fatigue by supporting ribosomal biogenesis. Add RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract to your regimen today!

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What is RobuvitŪ ?

RobuvitŪ (row-boo-vit) is a patented natural extract from French oak wood, rich in roburins and other flavonoids unique to oak wood. RobuvitŪ is a powerful, premium quality, evidence-based and natural vitality ingredient. Thanks to its unique properties, RobuvitŪ has been proven via multiple international clinical studies to offer health benefits in the fields of energy and detoxification.

Where does RobuvitŪ come from?

The oak trees used to produce RobuvitŪ belong to the Quercus Robur species. They grow in the forest of the "Massif Central" region in France under strict sustainability rules. RobuvitŪ manufacturing process is based on the safest extraction medium : water. No solvent, no pesticide, no herbicide are used, and CO2 emission is maintained as low as possible. A pure, safe and environment-friendly production process.

How does RobuvitŪ work?

RobuvitŪ contains roburins and other flavonoids found exclusively in oak wood, which can fight chronic fatigue. Possible mechanisms of action include changes in the function of the cellular protein factories called ribosomes. Altered ribosomal function has been seen in people infected with Epstein-Barr virus, which is strongly associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Support for ribosomal function may prove to be an entirely new approach to managing chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition, the ellagitannins present in RobuvitŪ are converted to elagic acid which in return is metabolized into urolithins. Urolithins' presence in the human body has already been established and published. RobuvitŪ is a patented and standardized oak wood extract rich in roburins. Even for those who do not suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, RobuvitŪ may be considered a novel method of maintaining one’s cellular protein synthesis machinery.

Recommended daily dosage

Our research teams recommend to take between 100mg and 300mg of RobuvitŪ per day. Like any supplements, RobuvitŪ containing products need time to unfold their beneficial actions in the body. Research tells us you should start feeling its effects after 2 weeks but for optimal results it appears to take up to 4 weeks.

Is RobuvitŪ safe?

RobuvitŪ has passed extensive safety tests and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) studies, which includes acute oral toxicity study, 7-day dose-finding oral toxicity study, 90 days oral chronic toxicity study as well as other dermal, genotoxicity and mutagenicity studies. No toxic effects have been observed or reported in clinical trials. In addition, RobuvitŪ is certified kosher and halal.

Are RobuvitŪ’s health benefits supported by science?

RobuvitŪ is the result of years of intense research and development by renowned international scientists. To date, 8 clinical studies with 340 subjects have demonstrated RobuvitŪ's efficacy in various fields of application such as CFS (Chronique Fatigue Syndrome), mood, allergies, liver and lymphatic functions, blood glucose control, and other energy- and detox- related health benefits. In addition, there is a large number of ongoing studies. Results will be shared on this website as soon as published.

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