Not a deal but we have some PH and DMAA left!

  1. Not a deal but we have some PH and DMAA left!

    Almost gone folks and we may never see either of them again. Some companies are doubling or tripling the prices. We are holding at fair prices (everything has gone up).

    If you have been under a rock the only legal producer of DHEA and Progestin prohormones has been told to limit all production and sales for now or forever. Courts will decide this one!

    Prohormones Products - Mind And Muscle
    Nothing I say is medical advice and supplements only enhance and optimize your diet and exercise check with a medical professional before starting any program.
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  2. Very little left running around, but M and M has it Code Frey10 .
    Mr. Supps Code AM10 10% off
    Iconic Formulations and Iron Legion Code Chef 25% off

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