AM family, here's a few of the latest stacks we have put together at Mind & Muscle with discounts (and some free stuff as well!):

T2 + HydroxyElite Combo - Save almost 10% by stacking these two together. HydroxyElite everyone knows is one of the strongest stimulant based fat burners on the market today and includes DMAA. It's the same formula as original OxyElite Pro, except Hi-Tech has added Garcinia Cambogia. T2 is a thyroid hormone which will speed up your metabolism and is NOT a stimulant, so it's a PERFECT fat burning product to stack with HydroxyElite for incredible fat loss.

Quick Cut Stack - Save 15% by stacking Innovative Labs Hellfire and LG Sciences 17-ProAndro! 17-Pro converts to DHT and is a great cutting prohormone. Hellfire is a supercharged fat burner with DMAA, but also includes phenylethylamine alkaloids and ephedra extract and will have you ON FIRE!

LG Cutting Andro Kit + FREE iForce TT-33 - The LG Cutting Andro Kit is a tried and true prohormone stack that includes EpiAndro 50, 17-ProAndro and 1-Andro as well as the required PCT for post-cycle. It is one of the best values for your money on the market today for an effective prohormone stack. Now, it's even better with a FREE iForce TT-33 metabolic accelerator! TT-33 was designed to augment your bodies metabolic rate by supplying naturally occuring iiodo-thyronines. These powerful agents rapidly increase BMR and the presence of uncoupling proteins (UCP’s) which puts your body into metabolic overdrive.

LG 4-Andro + FREE Creatine Monohydrate - 4-Andro is arguably the king of standalone bulking prohormones. 4-Andro has been shown to help build lean muscle mass, increase your overall strength in the gym, increase your energy levels and help with explosive power with all your lifts. This is the most potent and cutting edge legal prohormone that LG Sciences has ever brought to the market. A free 400g creatine monohydrate with this stack will help your muscles hold more water, which expands the fascia, giving increased pumps and muscle stretching. Creatine Monohydrate has also been shown to improve performance and power and even increase mental alertness!

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