So everyone knows cutting for any type of sport is extremely hard on you with cravings and staying not irritable. Well I have the best product for you too look into!

Rezolution V2: The Happy Diet Pill | Mind And Muscle

The link above explains everything you need to know about the so called happy diet pill.

Heres the short version and all you need to know:

-Rezolution V2 has two of the most important fat loss ingredients; Caffeine and Synephrine. Caffeine increases all cells metabolism in your body, and like T2, is a perfect fat burner. Synephrine is like ephedra but it is specific for the Beta 3 receptor. This means it burns fat without really affecting your heart rate or blood pressure.

-Rezolution has many ingredients which improve your mood by acting on the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is the main reward neurotransmitter. The reason you like sex, drugs, and chocolate is dopamine. Typical dieting lowers this neurotransmitter making you feel like your life is empty and nothing is good or fun. This is called Anhedonia and is a hallmark symptom of depression. With Rezolution you won’t have this problem, you’ll feel as happy as if you just had a piece of chocolate cake after having your chicken breast!

-One of my favorite parts of this diet pill is that it inhibits your appetite. While other diet pills decrease hunger by using a ton of stimulants, Rezolution uses the neurotransmitters for reward and satisfaction to make you not want more food. With Rezolution you feel like you just ate a delicious meal. This means it helps with addictive eating behaviors, and most of us have food addictions after all.

Those three reasons is why I love it so much. I am currently on a cutting diet right now and truth is I feel as though my hunger levels are ridiculous. It feels as if my stomach is eating itself. I have to backload all my meals till after 4pm because I end up smashing on all of them before bed. So I started taking this pill called Rezolution V2. I was skeptical because many diet suppressant pills usually don't work, but this one amazes me. Not only can I control the hunger I feel full as well! I am not irritable, I am actually still enjoyable to be around as well because I don't feel like I am starving. I couldn't believe how much it helped.

This will be the pill I use when I am in contest prep and thats it, I feel so much better after I take it, I feel more relaxed and happy for the rest of my day, kind of like a carefree world. To me it is my happy diet pill and it could be yours too!!

Below is the link to the Rezolution page on mind and muscle where you can purchase this product and others if you feel so inclined to research other products!

LG Sciences Rezolution V2 | Mind And Muscle

Use my coupon code "ALLISON" to get a 10% discount when you make a purchase for more savings on this amazing product. I never thought this pill would work as well as it did, but it definitely surprised me for the better!! This pill is my life saver!