Hardcore brethren:

You asked, we listened and brought out pBold as a standalone from our new Prohormone kit the Battle Hardener! Now you have more options to hit your goals. Also, for a limited time, get either of these products for a steal over at Nutraplanet.


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pBold is the last precursor to the prized anabolic "Boldenone" and uses a unique pathway to convert in the body. People love Boldenone and Boldione for their ability to help pack on lean muscle, stimulate appetite and lubricate joints. We theorize that pBold through its similar structure and direct conversion will have a very similar effect in the body.

Regular price: $84.99
Limited Intro Price: $34.84
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Battle Hardener

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This New LG Sciences kit bridges the best of both worlds in your body-building journey, to get Huge and Ripped. We took 17-Proandro our flagship cutting agent, often compared to Winstrol on how it feels on cycle. Than, we added in pBold the strongest legal ingredient to Boldenone paving the way for massive lean mass gains. Ultimately, this kit will have the guy that is training hard and eating right, seeing some huge lean mass and strength gains; all the while drying those muscles out for that shredded, ripped look. Get Some!

Battle Hardener Benefits

  • Insane Lean Muscle Gains
  • Unthinkable Strength Gains
  • Hard, Dry, Striated Muscles
  • Increase Appetite
  • Non-Liver Toxic & 100% Legal and Safe

Battle Hardener: $247.99
Limited Intro Price: $74.91

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