Let me first disclose that I originally posted this in the Anabolic section but was told to repost here.

Anyways, one of my friends is moving out west, he decided to sell me almost all of his supps for a bulk buy.

Along with my current supps and my friend's newly acquired supply I have a lot of stuff. Some of it (maybe most of it) I don't need as it is very duplicative.

Below is a list, I would like to know everyone's thoughts on the best way to stack these. I put question marks by those I find to be duplicative/redundant or that I find kind of useless.

Creatine Nitrate?
OT Multi
Krill Oil
Lean Xtreme?
Reduce XT?
Posiedon NT Sleep Aid
Nimbus Bodyguard Intra
BCAA + Glutamine powder
Russin Bear Gainer?
Is0Mass Gainer?
Gold Feast
Athletes Food

A note on the protein shakes:

The Russina Bear gainer is hilarious (look at the label and serving profile if you have a few minutes), but I think I will toss the gainers or resell to my current roomate who is new to lifting and trying to put on some weight/strength for the summer.

I do like Gold feast for Post and Athletes food for wake up as my shakes. If I have the $ I sometimes splurge for ProComplex as my prebed shake but usually I am find with boiled chicken, broccoli, and cottage cheese.

My friend recommended I try and stack some of this with a mild PH like Helladrol or ProMag with some low dasage SARMS during PCT for a "bridge" effect, I have researched these for a while and would definitely be up for trying either on a low dose as they seem to be versatile and great for beginners with low to mildish sides.

Either way, I would love input on the best way for these to work in synergy and which ones I should avoid taking/hold off on. I do not want to do anything to mess with my test, estro, prolactin, etc.. levels in a negative way for a long time.

Thanks in advance,