Epi 2a 3a or Epi 2.0

  1. Epi 2a 3a or Epi 2.0

    Im trying to figure out what the difference is from the first epi and the other one...please help explain


  2. Wow
    Let us put i this way:

    - Epi 2A3A will **** you upp good if you don't know what you are doing.

    - Epi 2.0 is safe natural product.

  3. ^ see links above. One is a prohormone and the other is a natural product. Very very different. What are your goals, age, and stats?
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  4. just for clarification, there are 3 products that Bodybuilders refer to as Epi

    Epistane - designer steroid (no longer sold in the USA)

    EpiAndro - 2 step DHEA based prohormone that converts to DHT

    epicatechin - a natural anabolic, that comes from Dark Chocolate
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