Andro the Giant came with broken tabs

  1. Andro the Giant came with broken tabs

    Just looking for some direction here. I got a bottle of androvar and andro the giant recently from SSS and all of my other on cycle and pct stuff to go with it for my cycle. Planned on running androvar for 6 weeks and bring andro the giant in for the last four weeks. Well yesterday was the first day for andro the giant and I went to open the bottle and a cloud of smoke came out. I realized there were some broken tabs in the bottle so I counted it all out and I only had 83/90 tabs. Basically missing two days plus a pill of my cycle. I sent out an email to SSS, but I was wondering if anyone else has had any issues to andro the giant doing that or received anything from SSS that way? Any thoughts on if my issue will be resolved?

  2. Just send them a pic of the broken tabs and ask them to overnight new bottles.

  3. So I contacted SSS via phone and the guy was really nice and told me to attach a picture via email and they'd send me a new bottle. I just got an email that said they would give me a 15% discount on the bottle totaling $9. Doesn't really seem right to be told I'll be getting a full bottle and then receive $9. I've ordered from here before and don't want to stop, but I've also had an issue from with my bcaas having the seal broken and they express shipped me a new tub at no cost. Am I expecting too much here? I'll update if I find something out.

  4. Hey Chris,

    We only re-ship new bottles if the majority of the pills have been compromised. If only a few pills were broken then it is only eligible for a partial refund as this sort of thing can commonly occur with supplements that are in tablet form.


    Pro Support

    Well there's the answer I just got

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