Anafuse 8 week cycle log

  1. Anafuse 8 week cycle log

    Hello all,

    Made this account primarily to produce and Anafuse log. I've bought 8 weeks of this product and will be supplementing 2x servings daily (4 caps)

    I'll be taking some photos today or tomorrow before the 8 weeks, and the same photos at the end of 8 weeks.

    A little about me - I'm 20 years old, and have been lifting for a year now, I train in the UK at David Lloyd, I feel i have pretty good experience in terms of powerlifting and bodybuilding, luckily by knowing and training with a few competitors and strongmen competitors who have a great wealth of experience.

    A few stats and lifts:

    Height - 5 foot 8
    Weight - 78kg (175.5lbs)
    Bodyfat - Approx 16% (getting stats today)
    (yet to have taken thigh and chest widths yet.

    Bench - 120kg / 270lbs
    Deadlift - 185kg / 416.25lbs
    Squat - 145kg / 326.25lbs

    I currently train on a 3 of 4 day split.

    Back / Bi's
    Chest / tri's
    Shoulder / Legs (separate shoulders and legs depending if I feel I need rest).

    I'll be in a slight caloric surplus, working at 3100-3250 calories and only targeting 180g protein, whilst not monitoring but keeping fats relatively low. I'll aim to update once every day or two but be only to answer any questions or anything you may want to know.

    My main goal from 8 weeks on Anafuse is to increase my three big lifts, and build relatively lean muscle and aim to stick reach at least 80kg. I've developed big hopes for Anafuse so will be strict on the factors benefiting the cycle.


  2. Day 1:

    Cant really make any assumption the product has done anything for me as of yet, I did wake up feeling a bit pumped, but I usually feel pretty strong and tight after a good back and bi's session, my joints and stuff are quite achey but this was because I was hitting the punchbag at the gym for my monthly 5 minute cardio. I'm doing heavy legs and light shoulders today, just about to take my first serving and have some food.

    I will be resting tomorrow but still supplementing, hopefully should give me good rest for a good chest and tricep session on friday.

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  5. Day 2:

    Trained legs and shoulders, said to myself I was gonna go super heavy for a few sets and then a few sets for reps on squats and leg press:

    60kg x 10
    80kg x 10
    90kg x 12
    100kg x 15
    120kg x 4
    140kg x 1

    Leg Press

    150kg x 8
    200kg x 8
    250kg x 7
    300kg x 6
    350kg x 3

    smashed through those and done some calves, usually feel exhausted for shoulders enough to put me off doing heavy sets.

    I super-set shoulders with front raises and side raises with ease. Following that I performed some 45kg standing chin rows and finished up with some wide grip/close grip seated shoulder press with only 25kg plates each sides, went for reps and done a couple of burn out sets.

    All in all got a wicked pump and didn't take pre workout this day, squatting on pre workout makes me ill lol.

    Day 3 was a rest day - Gonna be training chest and tris today, expecting and eating enough for a big one!

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