Why Test-E over Test Cyp for 1st cycle?

  1. Why Test-E over Test Cyp for 1st cycle?

    I consistently see Test E recommended over Test Cyp for a first cycle. Both have long esters (Test E's being slightly shorter is my understanding) and are considered approximately the same. So why is Test E most often recommended over Test Cyp for a first cycle?

  2. I think most people just say test E. Either cypionate or enanthate would be good for a first cycle. Price may also be an influence.

  3. Both are long last esters, I however like Cyp better..

  4. Cypionate and Enanathate are virtually identical..only one carbon molecule seperates the two....as a matter of fact, you could switch one out for the other mid cycle and 99% of guys would never be able to tell the difference...I'll even go a bit further and say that when I worked with a certain UG, it didnt matter which you went with because you were getting the same thing either way...I think enan is recognized more because traditionally its just been easier to get and has been seen more to people...


  5. Enanthate = Historically more popular in Canada and Europe.

    Cypionate = Historically more popular in United States.



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