Poll: Did you experience hairloss while on Epistane, or after?

Did you lose hair on Epistane? POLL!

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    This is where I got that from, but have read MANY,MANY people say it's very androginic, and will cause sheding....given it's structure it's obvious.
    That's a good read Trip if that don't scare you away from aas nothing will

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Brolic View Post
    so whats the best OTC product to take for hair lost
    tell tell

  3. Quote Originally Posted by TripDog View Post
    Superdrol will not cause sheding, as it's 20% as androgenic as testosterone.
    It may be 20% as androgenic on paper, but its still related to DHT, which does cause MPB.

  4. Im happy to say that finaly after about a year my hair loss from epi has almost completely reversed with xandrox 12% lotion =)


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