Running Hemaguno and Orastan A...Novedex XT/ATD?

  1. Running Hemaguno and Orastan A...Novedex XT/ATD?

    I'm about 5'3 at 130lbs, very lean but muscular build (but a tiny guy lol). I started a cycle 2 weeks ago running 50 mg of Hemaguno and 200mg of Orastan A (the original) every day dosed 1 tablet each every 4 hours.

    Now I research all the time, however even with the magic of Google, the constant debate, conflicting scientific reports and sometimes lack of specific cross referencing leads to this question. (Which I am sure has been covered to a degree in other forums.)

    Now that I am in my last two weeks of the cycle, can I introduce an ATD at just 50 mg (ie Novedex xt) in order to help maintain if anything just a little little HPTA functioning? There are so many arguments on every forum stating how ATD is selective only to the hypothalamus in binding to/blocking the Androgen Receptor and not so much in the muscle tissue.....

    While other studies say, it is "universally" blocking ALL androgen receptors.

    I'm asking because I know both of the products I'm taking claim to have a low androgenic effect and that hemaguno (epistane) even has positive effects on LH (true??) But some things that are false get spread around. And I don't want to have a nightmare PCT if you know what I mean.

    All help would be GREATLY appreciated, and please keep it friendly.


  2. This may help a bit. Generally speaking you would have wanted to have a SERM on hand such as nolvadex before starting a cycle but sicne it is too late for that hopefully we can set it straight.

    No Excuses & No ***** ***: A Stupid People's Guide to PCT (great PCT link)

    I believe this is what you may be looking for right now. Not going to say that novadex xt is not going to cut it but you may have trouble restoring your naturally balance with just that. Many would suggest that an ATD not be used right after a cycle since we do not want to completely get rid of E we want it to come back but not take full affect.

    Something like PCS from AI was made for an epistane cycle and along with a few other helpers may be enough to correctly finish off PCT for you.

    Here is a link to OTC PCT which may be a good choice with only two weeks left till the end of the cycle and some research chemical suppliers for SERMS can tak some time to ship.

  3. How old are you?

  4. Striking, thank you very much for your help. It is greatly appreciated. What are the other helpers that you recommend?

    Iron Lungz. Haha don't worry, I am 22 years old. No underage use here.



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