First Post, cycle question (long)

  1. First Post, cycle question (long)

    I've been reading and searching the forums here for awhile now and consider it an invaluable resource for supplement reviews. Tons of great information from experienced members.

    I'm 23, 6'4", 227 right now and have been eating clean for about a month and a half to lean out (3-4 meals...mainly lean chicken, turkey, vegetables, oats, etc...). I use a decent light meal rep (Myolean) 2-3 times a day between meals, pre-workout drink (Hypershock or NO Shotgun), and post workout drink (Aftershock). I also use Ngorge from ALRi pre-workout and at bedtime along with ZMA. I workout pretty hard, and from what I've learned reading this bored I would consider my workout routine to be heavy, yet smart and effective.

    I did a Magnadrol/Spawn stack, 2 each daily back in Jan/Feb and had gotten up to 243 (pretty wet). For PCT I used ALRI's Restore and didn't notice any sides. I've maintained most all of the stength gains but lost about 5-6lbs within 2wks. I've actually continued to get consistantly stronger on lower body stuff ever since, but am down 5% or so upper body since I cut back my diet. I also do manual labor (mechanic) which can wear my ass out in the summer and hurt my routines.

    In April I did a round of Jungle Warfare, but didn't notice much of anything from it or really even notice when I came off of it. The rest of the weight has pretty much come off since I've been watching my diet. I feel I've lost size but, but I'm significantly leaner and my strength is still up there although now I've hit another plateau. I'd like to get back up to 240-ish and be where I'm at now body comp.

    I have some more of the Magandrol and some Equtren. Thinking about starting light and bringing it up to three of each daily, then tapering down to two to make a five or six wk cycle. I would increase my food intake (but keep it clean) and keep the rest of my supplement routine the same.

    Would this be too much too soon? I know SERMs are highly recommended on this site for PCT, but I'm kinda out for a lack of a source. For OCT before, I just took liver supps, omegas, and a good multi...but I'm looking into something more for this round.

    I know there are countless threads like these (I've read through many) but I mainly just wanted to introduce myself and get thoughts/opinions on the timing of this and OCT/PCT recommendations.

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  2. You did not take enough time off between your Spawn and JW cycle. I would always advise having a SERM on hand. But for OTC pct look at Post Cycle Support and you may want to run a AI starting in the 4th week of pct and taper the dose down.
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