Questions about the application process of transdermal

  1. Questions about the application process of transdermal

    Have I used up my newbie allotment yet? I hope not. I made a similar post on, but I'm not sure if those folks have the same language comprehension skills as you fellas, so here goes...

    I just started my second ever cycle, first transdermal cycle yesterday morning, so I've applied it three times now. I'm using LGP's 1-test/4-oht/4-ad.

    1) Am I supposed to shake the bottle every time? I would guess that it doesn't matter. It should already be in suspension.

    2) After the first application, I could kind of feel a very slight warmth or burning sensation on my skin for about 30 minutes. Is that normal? I did not feel that following my second and third applications. (First application on left upper chest/lat, second on tops of both feet, third on right upper chest/lat.)

    3) The first time I applied, I just spread it out, but didn't really rub it in. The second and third applications, I rubbed it around a lot more. In fact, the third application probably only took five minutes or less to dry once I got done rubbing around for 20-30 seconds. I would think that it's good to rub it around quite a bit. Am I rubbing it too much if it's only taking 5 minutes to dry?

    4) I really would prefer for my wife NOT to ask me about the citrus smell. How do y'all cover that up? Are there any soaps or after shave products you could recommend that have a similar smell??? If she smells it, I'd prefer to say, "Oh, it's the new after shave...see?"

    But I also noticed that the more I rub it, the less powerful the smell.

  2. 1. it could not hurt to shake every time. i am not sure about the new formula - but with the old it helped to spread the DMSO around.
    2. its normal - some people are more sensitive to the irritation than others. the iritation helps absorption. You should also apply after a hot shower when your pores are most open.
    3. rub it in as much as you can and over as much surface as you can.
    4. There is no way i know of to cover up the smell - in fact i like the citrus smell.

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