ease of making?

  1. ease of making?

    I'm curious.... how easy is it for the average person to make aas like test prop, test enth, deca or dbol. I've looked around in the past and many claim their "cousin" makes it. I was just wondering because this might be something I'm considering in the future since my supplier is on a "state assigned vacation"

  2. If you have a source for powders, you can make your own gear very easily. Prop, enth, tren, and deca are the most readily available. Most people i know that use these prefer to make their own. Tren and prop are easily made from cattle implants and are available over the net without any DEA worries.

  3. the tren and prop.... are they transdermals or are they made into injectables? by the way are they relatively easy to find on the net. (any fake/B.S. sites to avoid)

  4. Let not start posting site or other info up please.
    and you will have to get to know some people to find you a source.. but it is not that hard.

  5. Sorry, my bad.

  6. I don't want to have reputable sites posted. I just wanted to know if there are any sites to avoid.
    sorry if it is misleading.

  7. Check out the conversion section, you can see just how easy it is to make!

  8. I don't want any sites posted.. good or bad.. just exchange them by PM's okay

  9. that's cool. matthew D


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