Photo Session -gotta cut in 8 weeks help!!

  1. Photo Session -gotta cut in 8 weeks help!!

    Yo bros, I'm 27, been training for 8 years. 5'9 200 12%bf and am trying to cut down for a photo session in 8 weeks (im an actor). I was given a bag of goodies of test e, winny, arimidex, and clen to get to 7% in a 8 weeks time for a very lucrative project from my new trainer. Still I never trust what anyone says blindly. This is my first cycle though, but i have toyed wtih anabolic use for the last 3 years so have done a fair amount of research. I am trying to cut up while keeping all my muscle. I eat very clean, and going to be carb/calorie cycling the whole time, and doing two 2 week cycles of clen. What do you guys think is a good caloric deficit with the gear. I also dont want my metabolism to be f'ed by starving myself to death. I was thinking of 25% differential from maintenance per week, with 200g min protein. I am nto interested in putting on much size, just getting ripped since this is all for the camera. Any advice would be helpful. Cycle starts monday. Also what can i expect in terms of fat loss from clen.

  2. I know Masteron is great for cutting

  3. with the addition of gear to a cycle it will keep you anabolic and prevent losing muscle. that doesnt mean it will work miracles though. No steroid is going to make you cut. its all about your diet. some steroids will not make you bloat as much. The clen sides suck for most people. i could only deal with it for a few days and i said fukc that. Did your trainer give you things for PCT also?

  4. check out the plaumbo diet for getting cut, high fat, high protein, no carb, works wonders, also make sure ur cardio is up, at least 2 sessions - 45 mins of walking morning, and after your workout, if you want results you gotta keep putting in the effort, goood luck man!

  5. ya too bad you got test e, test prop wouldve been better.

    standard cycle for what you want is something like
    1-8 test e ~400mg ew (2 injections)
    5-8 winstrol 50mg ed

    clen 2 on 2 off
    pct... 13 days after last injection is normal but with winny at the end you may do it sooner like 10 days not sure

    i think high protein, moderate fat, very low carb is about right for diet
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  6. Thanks guys for the responses. I haven't gotten the goods for PCT yet, what do you guys suggest? My trainer mentioned HCG and clomid.

  7. you said you are an actor ?

    there was a debate here on a thread if Gerard Butler used steroids in the movie 300.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by uclabruinsroc View Post
    Thanks guys for the responses. I haven't gotten the goods for PCT yet, what do you guys suggest? My trainer mentioned HCG and clomid.

    i dont know if that cycle is suppresive enough for HCG but it probably wouldnt hurt to use it. i heard toremifene is good but havent used it yet. I am actually going to use that after the sustenon and h-drol cycle i am running right now. Clomid kind of puts you on an emotional roller coaster if i remember right, but it works pretty good.

  9. im still confused if calories, 25% below maintenance is sufficient or should I have an even greater deficit.

  10. dude dont cut too much. just go nice and slow. you want to do whatever you can to retain muscle. even if you are AAS you can still lose muscle by cutting calories down too much

  11. Cut out 200-400 cals off your maintenance, then assess your progress after a few days, and adjust accordingly. Good luck man. If you were experienced i'd say some Test prop and Tren A for 8 weeks would have done excactly what your looking for, but thats not the case

  12. Pssh look into masteron

  13. masteron is used for hardening. unless you have low bodyfat you need to cut bf% down first for winny or masteron to show its best effects.. Tren is the best for that due to its great nutritient partitioning effects.


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