11oxo and havoc?????

  1. 11oxo and havoc?????

    Im planning on running a five week cycle of havoc at 20/30/40/40/50.
    Im looking for decent gains in strength and muscle definition as well as a small increase in weight.However i have 1 bottle of 11oxo and am now considering running it in week three to get possibly more muscle hardness due to the synergistic effect (if there is one to be had)of these two products together.My question is does anyone think that the 11oxo's cortisol controlling properties might hinder havoc's gains in strength??

  2. No. I used Epi by itself once, then the second time I used Epi I added adrenosterone and there was no difference in strength gains between the two cycles. You probably won't see any added benefit from only one bottle of 11-OXO though.

  3. I would run it solo what are you going to use for supports and a pct?
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.

  4. IMO if its just one bottle its not worth it, save it until you have a few bottles and run it solo. Havoc alone will give you what you want. Also I wouldnt bother with 20mg unless your really, really light.

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