Poll: Best Stack for adding & keepin mass?

Best Stack for adding & keepin mass?

  1. Best Stack for adding & keepin mass?

    Aight, so I ran three successful cycles in past. Some peeps seem to get great gains off certain combos, so what yall think would be best combo to add & retain 10+ pounds of solid mass? Opinions & experiences, but please none of the 'don't stack because'...

  2. What are your current stats? What have you used before? What were your gains in past cycles?

  3. i have previously done a phera/epi bridge and gained a solid 13 pounds so thats always an option

  4. 28yrs & 215lbs. Two Finigenx cycles and one H-Drol.

  5. M1,4AD stacked with Superdrol would be SOOO TOXIC. yes, the weight would come on quickly... but that weight gain would be very difficult to keep and maintain... I would go with the H-drol + 4AD stack for quality maintainable gains, or the Super + 4AD for a raging cycle... all of your other options dont seem very wise imo.

  6. Halo&Epi bridge! Gained 20 lbs in 4 wks and got 2 more wks on Epi only! If I can keep half of it I'll be blessed!



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