Trenadrol + Mdrol - First Cycle Suggestions?

  1. Question Trenadrol + Mdrol - First Cycle Suggestions?

    Hey Bros,

    Since this is my first post on these boards, a little background info. You can skip this part if you just want to comment on my upcoming cycle.

    I'm 26 years old now, and have been lifting with some regularity for 9 years. However, injury and personal loss got me out of the game significantly for the past 2 years prior to getting back into the gym. During that time, I went from 5'5" at 165 lbs. with little BF to a pretty unfit 135 lbs. I've been a longtime member of elitefitness, and did a couple cycles back in 2001 thru 2002 mostly of sus/omna and dbol with clomid postcycle. I've been pretty solid in training for the past 8 month naturally, and worked my way back up to 150 lbs on a naturally thin frame. I recently started hitting the boards again, and found this one, and also was stunned to find out about the new generation of OTC pro steroids. I had come from the school of thought that injectable cycles were the only real way to get results and the first generation pro hormones were a joke and a way to sucker gym tourists out of their money. After spending the past month reading forums like this one, I sent for my first cycle in over 4 years.

    It's a pretty simple, short and low dose oral cycle:

    M-drol at 10/10/10
    Trenadrol at 30/30/30

    With nolva (tamoxifen) post cycle at 30/20/20 weeks 4-6.

    I'm trying to keep the cycle and PCT all very short and intense. I'll probably do some variance of 5x5 training somewhat more regular than I do off cycle. Maybe something like 4x6.That's pretty much the plan, any feedback is appreciated.

  2. M-drol is very potent I would not stack it and 3 weeks of m-drol is plenty not sure if 3 weeks of tren will help much. You will also need support supps on cycle get some Cycle Support and pre-load it 10-14 day before starting and continue thorughout the cycle and pct because the SERM is also toxic best of luck bro
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