lactation OUTCOME?

  1. Question lactation OUTCOME?

    Im currently on day 6 of PCT after havoc and im lactating and my nipples hurt a little bit and i was thinking of picking up some B6 and doing 200mg of it a day... with my 6-oxo + pcs

    if i let this lactating thing run is coarse what will be the outcome with what i got planned above? becuase i hear i can pick up Cabergoline...which can damage your heart valves but will stop my lactating fopr sure!....

    im scared and im mad now i ran this havoc becuase this is pissing me off!!!!

    should i pick up that Cabergoline...? should i not???

  2. get the dostinex run it every 3rd day till it stops then one or 2 more doses, and your golden

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