Took off 4 months, need advice with next cycle

  1. Angry Took off 4 months, need advice with next cycle

    I took off 4 months after I been working out for 18 months. My new cycle should be arriving any day. It consist of P-Plex, into superdrol, then I will run some axis furazadrol while PCTing with 6 oxy and clomid. HOw many weeks should I be back in the gym before starting. I did a Phera cycle back in December followed up with nova with awsome results. I don't want to just jump into this cycle without getting the joints moving again and muscles retarined. Any advice?

  2. ya would atleast wait til you get back to the point you were when you stopped workingout. let muscle memory do its work first.

  3. and running an anabolic compound during PCT is a no-no.

  4. I actually had to do the same thing. I was working out regularly for about a year and a half and then had to take off for 3 months straight because my doctor thought i had a heart problem. After 3 tests and many months we still aren't quite sure what caused the dizziness and chest pains.

    I wasn't going to stay away from the gym forever and the problem hasn't come back so hell with it for now. Back to your question: I have been back about a month now and plan on starting a havoc cycle this coming monday. I feel as though I am ready. It also helps that I do physical labor for a living. Good luck with your upcoming cycle!

  5. i have taken time off and on over the last 5 years, usually on for 6 months then off for a one/two, then on for 8 then off for a couple/few. usually due to health issues. it has been my experience that if i took a month off, i could usually come back and in two weeks my joints and tendons would be ready for the strength increases of a prohormone, but if taking off 3 or 4 months, i would advise at least 1 months, if i was u i would train heavy and get my diet down for at least 6 weeks then i would take a few days off and then use the ph's. this way u can get ur diet to be spot on, have a stronger foundation to build more upon, and already have gained back alot of the strength u lost during time off.

    it would suck to do it too early and then get massive joint/tendon/ligament issues or possibly suffer a strain on a muscle just from too much strength increases and then ur whole cycle goes to shame. i know u want it quick but the more patient route is definetely worth it to ensure success.

  6. I hope he was not saying fura is part of his pct???
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  7. So, have you only been lifting for 22 months total, then?


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