How much PP to stack with Tren for cutting

  1. How much PP to stack with Tren for cutting

    I am about to start a second cutting cycle of tren at 100mg EOD and using Phera-MAX (and fenugreek, zma, and trib) to counter the negative effect on libido. Since the GL version of Phera comes in 15mg doses, should I run it at 15 or 30mg ED?

    P.S. Also taking milk thistle and NAC for liver protection. Any additional suggestions?

  2. PP is not something I would run during a cut. Its more of a strength and mass gainer. To me running it during a cut when your cals and carbs are going to be cut down would be wasting the product and your money.

  3. If you want to run a PH maybe think about superdrol, it's far drier, but again at a calorie deficit it's just a waste. If you run calories just above maintenance but very clean, you could have more of a recomp effect, with a drop in BF and a gain in lean mass. Read a log the other day a guy ran tren solo for a cutter, but 2 weeks in he had gained 5lbs and leaned out, so he decided to make the cycle into a lean bulk. He ended up dropping BF% from 13% to 11% and gained 21lbs in 8 wks (75mg/ED). Either way man good luck.

  4. Like I said, the PP is primarily for libido purposes and avoiding "fina d*ck", not bulking. I would run the tren solo if it were not for these possible negative sides. Money is not an issue. I am currently at 4.2% b/f and involved in MMA so my priorities lie with strength relative to weight rather than size.

  5. so you're going to do a cutting cycle when you're already at 4.2% BF?



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