Vida Book = Great

  1. Vida Book = Great

    I picked up the Julius Vida book, Androgens and Anabolic Agents, today, and holy **** this has got to be the best book for understanding everything about PH's and Steroids. I was expecting it to be a little difficult to read but the thing is like the most basic Chemistry book out. Its like the dummies guide to everything. It tell exactly what each does, what happens to each between conversions, what changing each can do and so much more. No wonder PA lives by the thing. It ****ing idiot proof. But it is the best one ive seen to date.

    Im debating on digitizing it and putting it on disc or having it copied and bound. Ive yet to find any copiers that would do it though. We'll see.

    I love it!!!


  2. Look very carefully into that book, and you will see some really great compunds that may be released soon. A really good looking tren alternative is mentioned in detail in the book. Lets see if yo cna figure out wha ti am talking about.....

  3. Where is the book availbale, or do you guys have it in PDF format?

  4. haaaaaaaaaaa, where is it available? Good luck finding a copy. I had to do a interlibrary loan through my university and they found 1 copy in the state of florida and it belonged to a school on the other side of the state. But they managed to get them to send it even though it was a reference book and wasnt supposed to leave the library there. I guess someone made a mistake. Anyways if you find it expect to pay $300+ dollars for it. When it was available for sale (being printed) the price was like 269 or 369 I forget which one it was. But it hasnt been printed for like 35 years and everyone wants it so you know how that effects the price. Ive seen some insane numbers for it.
    Im currently digitizing it and putting it on disc for a select few (at a cost of course) and should be done scanning it in about 4 days. If you have no experience with chemistry then dont waste your time looking for it. It is a very simple read but I have chem experience and besides only 100 pages are text, the rest (300) are carbon ring diagrams, graphs, charts, etc.)

    Its definitly the best book ive seen about these compounds and If you feel you could understand it and like to know more about what you putting in your body or thinking about I recommend it.


  5. Bro, whats the price your going to be asking for the disc format? I have the book sitting here in front of me but a digital compy would be nice also.

    PS: Have you checked out any of those compunds I mentioned above yet?

  6. You have got to be kidding about the tren type compound. Theres literally over 50 that closely resemble tren. I need a better clue.

    As far as pricing, PM me and we'll talk about it that way. Not expensive though.


  7. Have you checked out any of those compunds I mentioned above yet?
    How bout a page number.


  8. You bastard your mailbox is full. Ruff clean out your freakin locker! Ive got a nice respone for you. Im done scanning the entire thing and it is a certified eBook . Im currently Password protecting it and then it will be done.

    Anybody else interested let me know. Select few only. The book is definitly a tool not a toy.
    And dont ask for a link just yet, I gotta recover loses for a $150 scanner bulb. I scanned the entire thing in a extremly high photo quality mode so it completely readable and can be blown up for a 60" screen and still readable. I know I went overboard but what the hell, its a good book and its a shame that its out of print.


  9. Title page.
    Minimized for your viewing pleasure (and so I dont have to hear **** from any mods )

  10. i would be extremely interested in purchasing a copy. could you please PM me and relevant info. thankyou

  11. just checked my local library - they got a copy
    gonna give it a read or a look over - then consider a digital copy

  12. Originally posted by db682
    haaaaaaaaaaa, where is it available? Good luck finding a copy. I had to do a interlibrary loan through my university and they found 1 copy in the state of florida and it belonged to a school on the other side of the state.

    I must be lucky, 6 libraries in my state, ranging from 45min - 3 hour drives. I put in a request for it and was told that they should have it within 21 days, and will transfer it because its not classified as reference at 4 of the libraries.

    If I like it, count me in for a digital copy.

  13. i found a copy in my school's library, im going to take it out tomorow. im pretty excited to read a chemistry text for once.

  14. when i ran a search for the vida book this came up as a reuslt as well:
    Title: Conformationally directed drug design : peptides and nucleic acids as templates or targets : based on a symposium sponsored by the Division of Medicinal Chemistry at the 186th Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C., August 28-September 2, 1983 /
    Published: Washington, D.C. : American Chemical Society, 1984.
    Description: x, 271 p. : ill. ; 24 cm

    does anyone know what this is?

  15. I am interested. This stuff isn't that hard to figure out if you really look into it.


  16. Totally interested too.

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  17. Originally posted by captainbicept
    does anyone know what this is?
    It's just another book by Vida. Not the one being discussed here, which is titled Androgens and Anabolic Agents.


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