Log: Ax Phera-Plex / Winstrol Bridge Before & After Pics

  1. Log: Ax Phera-Plex / Winstrol Bridge Before & After Pics


  2. GL man..ill me watching this

  3. Quote Originally Posted by fcpcjc View Post

    I've been using AAS for about 2 1/2 years and have used these compounds on a number of different occasions.
    and thats all youve gained?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by LatsRus View Post
    and thats all youve gained?
    When did I ever mention how much I gained?

  5. i think he was talking about your pic of how you said you been using for 2 1/2 yrs but you dont look like you even touch aas b4.

  6. Alright. I'll just stop logging this here.

    Sorry I don't look the part.


  7. reaper you hurt his feelings! you dont have to stop loggin man they were stating there opinions. but o well GL on you cycle though.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by mindgame View Post
    reaper you hurt his feelings! you dont have to stop loggin man they were stating there opinions. but o well GL on you cycle though.
    I deleted my post. I wasn't ragging on him or being negative. I just didn't understand his stats and needed some additional clarification.

  9. why would you stop logging? because you dont like the opinions expressed of two people who commented on your forum? look man i just think you need to work on your diet and your training if youve been using aas but look like youve been working out for a year then somethings gotta change, why put all these chemicals in your body and take risks with your health if your not getting maximum results? thats all im sayn. i dont mean to make you feel bad just gotta be realistic is all.

  10. No. I train 6 days a week in MMA. Thats why I don't look as if Ive taken steroids and ballooned up like most. ive taken lean gaining steroids such as anavar, winstrol, and etc.

    I came here to log my cycle. I feel the way I look has nothing to do with what I was trying to accomplish. It strayed off topic and thats one thing that annoys me most about forums. I can promise you that my diet is one of the better ones here.

    I've been training for MMA for 1 year, but have been competing in Muay Thai for 4. I've followed strict diets since I was 14 in order to make weight in wrestling, thai, etc. I run 3 miles a day. I have virutually 0 water weight.

    I'm not making excuses, but you all knew 0 about me before jumping to conclusions. very annoying. this was a log, not a compare and contrast session.

    im a no bull**** type of guy. so rather than continue this log and have it stray from the subject at hand, ill stop logging here and go to another board that focuses on the topic.

    forgot to mention... i walk around at 170 and cut to 145. im not a bodybuilder by any means. i could care less about lifting plates and getting big. i want strength to help better my fight game.

  11. alright. i understand where your coming from with the mma, i have a wrestling background of 12 years myself with some muy thai, bjj, kung fu, and tae kwon doe mixed in. personally, i have always been the strongest and leanest guy in my weight class which has given me a huge, sometimes ridiculous, advantage over my opponent. when i used to enter tournaments a few years ago i wouldnt do it year round, i would train 5 days a week for an hour or two with wrestling/bjj/muy thai, and lift 5 days a week for 45 mins. it was hard to not be lean, but i would pound protein shakes and consume around 4500 cals a day in order to gain weight and strength. then come winter and summer i would cut down to get shredded but keep the strength lifts up and dominate the competition.

    whats your goal man with this cycle? overall mass? just strength? lean body mass? what weight would you like to be at? what are your strength goals?


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