Max epi dose?

  1. Max epi dose?

    What's up guys. This site has been great for me so far with info on my cycles. I am getting ready to run my 3rd epi cycle in about a month and was wondering what the max dose you guys would recommend. I ran it up to 50 for the last 2 wks of my 6 wk cycle last time and had no problems....even after pct. I was wondering if I would be dumb to consider going up to around 70 this time. I've seen in different places that the effectiveness can be degraded after the first cycle, but obviously I do not want to risk my health. Thanks for the input

  2. I think it was Dr. D that said that running epi at doses greater than 50 would only be beneficial if you were working out more than once a day...
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  3. 70 was too much for me. 60 was good. how did you run the last 2 cycles and what are your stats?

  4. You guys have ne prostate issues at those doseages? At 40mg I was pissing every 10 minutes.

  5. I ran 50mg and get serious gastro issues, like cramping on the right side and ****.

  6. cramping becomes a problem and you have to drink alot more water because it seems no matter how much i drank i still felt dehydrated. I say you should probably start at 40 and go to 50 and only go to 60 at the end if needed.

  7. thanks a lot guys....i think i'm gonna start out at 30 and run it at 30/40/40/50/60 (if needed)

  8. remember, if you're still seeing results then there's not much reason to up the dosage
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  9. IMO 40mg is just right, now need to go higher, unless as stated, you find your gains stalling.
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