4-OHT Cyp

  1. 4-OHT Cyp

    I saw on another thread that chemo though this would be good to stack with methyl-1-test, does anyone know where to get some of this?

  2. VPX has a great 4-HT cyp product

  3. Little too rich for my blood, does dazed or anyone else have it?

  4. no just vpx , more coming from 2 companies but wait 4 weeks or so !

  5. Can you spill the beans who's coming out with it, and size and dosage if possible?

  6. 4-oht cyp will be out soon.... I think it looks promising, definetly looks like a good combo to methyl1test

  7. Just curious and asking a newbie question...but this is NOT covered in the FAQ...what the hell exactly IS a cypionate? More importantly, why is that advantageous over a regular issue of 4-OHT? Why would I rather do a cyp than just a transdermal 4-oht?

  8. Cyp = Cypionate ester.... just like test cyp..... it allows for weekly injections instead of every day injects. to put it short.

  9. So the VPX product is taken by injection? I thought all the VPX products were sublingual. I had no idea that any of the larger companies made products that were designed for injection.

  10. Well, its advertised as an oral (which it can be taken orally) but my belief is it is specifically made for injection. There is no other reason to use BA in a supposedly liposomal formula.

  11. Ah....thanks for the info!

  12. Yeah, they're only trying to cover their asses. Kinda like how methyl 1-test is specified for 'research' purposes only.

  13. VPX puts out a 4-HT Polylipid and a 4-HT Cypionate...the cyp is far more expensive. Of course some people inject it, but taken orally it still works amazingly well from the feedback I've heard.

  14. To spend that much for an oral product... ludicrous.

  15. Originally posted by Jcc
    To spend that much for an oral product... ludicrous.
    Well, some people just don't like needles!!

  16. Point taken.... go transdermal.

  17. Originally posted by Jcc
    Point taken.... go transdermal.
    LOL, cute, but the liposomals have always performed awesomely well for me. Better than transdermals in fact. But to each his own.

  18. That's cool, can't knock that which I have not tried.

  19. everyone said that about 1-test-cyp ...but daze suggests injecting 3x a week

    anyone have detailed information on this stuff

  20. Originally posted by Jcc
    That's cool, can't knock that which I have not tried.
    Thank goodness for a super intelligent response like this. I love when people criticize things they have zero experience with!

  21. http://www.anabolicminds.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=863 6

    everyone said that about 1-test-cyp ...but daze suggests injecting 3x a week anyone have detailed information on this stuff

    Link didn't work, see below.
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  22. Old guy

    The link didn't work, do you mind trying do make it again.

  23. i just tried asking about the stuff last night, & these guys just acted like i was the biggest dumbass in the known universe. i was trying to be as modest as possible. just want to learn.

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  25. Then you wouldn't of made a thread about asking what 4-oht was.

    This isn't bb.com or Elite.
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  26. Anyone know of anyplace to get 4OH-cyp powder? I saw that VPX now has 4OHdeca cyp also. Wish I knew where Jack was getting this stuff. Us homebrewers need some too you know.

  27. This would not be good to stack with Methyl IMHO. The reason is that they are both very dry compounds...meaning no estrogen. So, what benefit would there be in stacking this. I have in my position some HydroxyTest Undecanoate and I am going to test it with 4-AD Cypionate to provide a little estrogen. 4-AD Cyp would be a better stack than OHTest alone.


  28. well that sounds interesting, I mean the undecanate 4oht! Are you going to be saleing any for of that on the site? Would like to find some estered 4-oht. Also I agree with your statement about the estrogen, Alittle estrogen is nice alot is not.

  29. Amen. Why would you add HydroxyTest when methyl-1-Test is stronger. 4-AD Cypionate is a good choice now IMHO. My dogs just started 4-AD Cyp along with their Methyl. Mainly cuz they need a little E to offset the sides like bllod pressure.


  30. I was wondering cause my animals wher about to be given tren and 1-t cyp. Also was going to give them 4ad in a transdermal. Wanted to add the 4oht to help with estrogen control. If not needed I can save them the trouble. Any info on it is greatly appreciated.

  31. The 4-OHT also stacks nice with methyl-1,4addiol, it provides less estrogen than the 4ad, but jsut enough. IM waiting for one of my bors to give me his log and I will post it up here for you guys to see. Should be done today or tommarrow.

  32. Also, I agree that methyl-1test and 4OHT are not a good combo. You wont see any noticable gains from the 4-oht because the methyl-1test will overpower it.

  33. If you want anti-e, stick with a real one like Letrazole... but with 4-AD it shouldn't be an issue.


  34. Edog, when are you going to start your cycle of 4-oht and 4ad? Just curious.

  35. legalgear is right, their both are dry but you can do both and each will have a different pathway and ading 4-ad would be the best thing to stack with both , i'm going to try 4-oht , 4 ohn , and 4-ad tripple stack in a homebrew gel and it'll be 5 grams each so that i'm getting the estrogen here from 4-ad with the rest and i'll use clomid after cycle


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