question for the mods

  1. question for the mods

    I have a question about some products that were banned a few years ago. I have banned (2004) several products (1-test, SD, etc) and I am wondering how many are still good to take and not "expired".

    Instead of listing them here and asking which ones are good or not can I just post a picture?? I just want to make sure that asking or posting a pic of these substances is not against board rules.


  2. just look on the bottles for EXP date, as long as theyre sealed and were stored in a good place then theyre probably still as effective.

    they lose potentcy at very very very slow rate, theyre probably till as potent 3 years after expiring

  3. not a single one has an expiration date on it. I think they should be good for a long time because the have been all sealed up and kept in a dark place. Some are in the vacuum sealed bags and are in powder form. I think even after 4 years they should be fairly good, especially the sealed powder. I wonder how the powder could really decay. I have so much that if the product is at 50% potency, it will still be worthwhile to use at some point.

    I wonder if any of this stuff can decay into something more toxic or harmful. Probably not, but still crosses my mind. hmmmmm

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