Epistane PCT...and beyond!

  1. Epistane PCT...and beyond!

    Finishing up a 4 week cycle of Epistane to get rid of some gyno, 10, 20, 30, 30.
    Nolvadex: Week1: 40mg | Week2: 40mg | Week3: 20mg | Week4: 20mg
    HyperDrolX2 + MassFX

    I'm fixing to start my PCT, the epistane really knocked my gyno down. I still have puffy nips but the lumps are way less sensitive and very small.
    I got a few questions:
    1. Should I just take the recommended dose on the HDX2 and Mass FX?
    2. My main concern is not having my gyno return however is there something I can take when my PCT is done to keep my strength as high as possible. I have a meet in mid July and will be done with PCT at the end of June. Could I take the HDX2+Mass FX for a few more weeks??? Any recommendations are appreciated.

  2. do ur 4 weeks PCT and give ur body a break, do not continue the Massfx and Hyperdrol.... but run them at recommended dose through PCT

  3. Thanks Bro, anybody else.....

  4. Should I run a low dose of an AI after my PCT? I have heard of people doing this to prevent rebound.

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