stacking question...

  1. stacking question...

    I am putting together a Havoc cycle that I will be using as soon as I gain a little more weight. I have a bottle of Bold lying around and I was wondering since its non methyl would it be beneficial to use this during my cycle? or is it just a waste of my time.

    I hope this isn't a dumb question.

  2. has no one had experience using a non methyl w/ a methyl?

  3. imo, bold is a waste of time and money ,never got results from it even with 1000mgs ed ...

  4. ^^good Lord! 1000mg/d thx for the input, i was aware it is pretty underdosed and mild. I dunno what I'm gonna do w/ it then. maybe I'll take it w/ my cycle or maybe I'll just sell it to someone.

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