pulsing superdrol

  1. pulsing superdrol

    hey guys, what do you think about pulsing superdrol?

    will i still need to run liver support?

    what about PCT?

    what about keeping my gains after the cycle?

    i was planning on running superdrol 3 times a week at 40mg on workout days.

    what do you think?

  2. pulsing superdrol is NOT the way to go, u will still be shutdown and still have the potetial for sides....not worth it IMO

    if ur really worried then run 10/10/10 straight....many others have run it with success and minor sides

  3. ok
    if i do it that way, will i be able to get away with just using an anit-estrogen, cortizol control, testbooster for PCT?

    i mean, do i have to use novadex?

  4. i would highy advise that u do have nolva, maybe just a low dose for PCT....check out this log


  5. If you are looking for a SERM-less PCT, than superdrol is not for you.

  6. gotcha!
    that's what i needed to hear

    so i absolutely need a SERM for superdrol!
    i got it!
    not a problem!


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