superdrol ng/ mass fx

  1. superdrol ng/ mass fx

    Going to run a superdrol mass fx stack soon. wanting to run zma with it also, cause my last run of superdrol ng last fall I had trouble sleeping! what do you think?

  2. You could add ZMA to that stack if you would like. When was your last dose of Superdrol NG? I wouldn't recommend taking it any later that 4-5hrs before bed.

  3. I work the midnight shift, and i always took my last dose around 1 a m. go to bed around 830 900 a m

  4. hmm.....well that should have been plenty of time but if you are stim sensitive it could still affect sleep patterns. How many caps did you take? If you took 2 try dropping it down to 1 cap and see how things go.

  5. only took one. take 2 only preworkout.



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