New To Steroids need help

  1. New To Steroids need help

    I'm new to this steroid world and I need some help deciding what to take and how to take it. I know it says you should be 21 and im only 20 and 6 months but i'm very mature i've been the same height since 18. I highly doubt I'm going to grow anymore from now on. I'm 6'0 225 lbs 15 percent bodyfat ....deadlift 550 squat 450.... bench 375..... I am desperate because football season starts in 1 month and I need to get a scholarship but I have a pulled quad and its not giving me the chance to train for summer ball. Please tell me what steroid I should get and how to take it for a first time user. I just want to get stronger and I think this will get me to the d1 level and some.

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