why am i sick!! on cycle & what 2 do?

  1. Question why am i sick!! on cycle & what 2 do?

    this is my third cycle. i began this cycle and am currently taking :
    1 amp omnadren 250 EOD
    1 ml tren enanthate (200 mg ml) EOD
    1 ml stanozolol (50 mg ml) EOD
    a week into my cycle i got a real bad cold. i ended up missing 5 workouts due to it. two and half weeks later still with runny nose, that developed into a sinus infection. that same day my girlfriend complained of flu like symptoms, what da ya know, im now getting over a 24 hour flu. ive been in for a pysical at the begining of this cycle, my blood work great. i dont want to bore you all, i just dont get it? the only thing different about this vs previous cycles is frequency, and the absence of deca. should'nt the juice help, not hinder the immune system?

  2. I havent juiced before but the people that i know that do complain about "test flu" pretty frequently. So Im guessing the immune system gets jacked up throughout a cycle.

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