Summer Stack Help, Anyone?

  1. Summer Stack Help, Anyone?

    I know the answer to this question is on here some where but I can't find it and I my eyes are starting to get dried out so I'll just ask it again. What would be the best thing to stack with an epi compound to produce the best mass gains? I'm planning a summer cycle that will be my second cycle to date and I am planning on starting it around early July or so. I've seen that test and phera are both the popular things to cycle this with but I cannot remember dosages or how to stack them. I also know that many people are getting good gains from epi alone but for my first cycle I did an epi stand alone and it produce very minimal results for me. I already have a bottle of Epistane so I was just wondering if I should get the phera and try the two methyls back to back or what? I'm also open to any suggestions on what has produced the best gains with the epi compounds. Another thing is that when I did the first cycle of epi I only had the one bottle and dosed it this way > 20/30/30/40 so another question would be should I just buy another bottle and do something like 30/40/40/50 to produce the gains that I have heard about and seen on this forum or what my plan of attack should be? Anyone got anything for me I'm up for any suggestions so anything helps and I've got a while to think about it too.

    Sorry if this is a tad confusing but I don't like typing things out multiple times to make it look pretty and make the most sense fluidly as some of my T.A.'s say haha

  2. Epi is not really a gret compound for building raw mass, phera is however the sides will be much worse from phera plex. Maybe run a phera plex epistane bridge cycle ex 3wks phera 3wks epi overlaping the third week. But I am not a fan of phera plex at all so id recomend 500mgs test e to go with epistane

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