DS stack for strength, but not mass

  1. DS stack for strength, but not mass

    Odd to some, but my goals are strictly for strength gains during my next planned cycle. Of course, I do expect to gain weight, possibly as much as 7-10 pounds, but I'm going to try to stay within that range while going for bigger performance. My second goal, which may also sound a bit odd as well, is that I will be consistantly doing cardio on this cycle. 5 days a week, with one of those as HIIT. I'm rambling and I probably just confused the crap out of you...

    Simply put I'm trying to find a stack that I won't blow up on, but something to really bring up my strength. So I've narrowed it down to do of em'... go easy on me, as I havn't been in the designer topics for years now! So many to choose from nowadays, it's crazy!

    First choice - T-Roid + LG Methyl-Masterdrol V2
    Week 1 - T-Roid @ 30mg MMV2 @ 3 caps pre-workout
    Week 2 - T-Roid @ 60mg MMV2 @ 3 "
    Week 3 - T-Roid @ 60/90mg MMV2 @ 3/4/5 "
    Week 4 - T-Roid @ 60/90mg MMV2 @ 3/4/5 "
    Considering this stack as my first choice as I responded very well to Finigenx Magnum back when their liquid version was a bit hit. Most successful strength cycle I've ran. Considering MMV2 as the stacker as the reviews... they've been nothing short of phenominal on both the results and the sides. Would seem to combat any lethargy/libido loss as well with T-Roid. Judging on how I feel I may up the dose.

    Second choice - DECAVOL + (possibly) MMV2
    Six weeks in duration, in which I work up from 3 to 5 caps ED, maybe the full 6 maximum if sides permit. Interested in this product, as the (very few) logs I've read show of some large increases in strength coupled with fat loss. Considering MMV2 for the same reason as my first stack - just really looks like an amazing stacker.

    It's an odd topic, I know, trying to gain strength without mass. But if I could stay below the 190 mark, and bring my deadlift and squat back up to what I've been able to do before, I'm all ears. I've considered such compounds such as H-Drol or Epi, which do tell of some serious strength gains with the recomp effect, but I'm finding that few legal designers out there have the same caliber of the Finigenx clones(T-Roid/Tren XTreme/etc) out there.

    I'd be going nuts with the BP control, with Hawthorne berry at higher than usual dosage and AN's ever so simple cycle support. For PCT, I'd be running at full speed with some left over Nolva + AN's PC Support, along with a slew of natural test boosters. Looking to plow through PCT in stride, partially why these two stacks interest me... not as crushing as a P-Plex cycle/SD cycle.

    So let me know what you think! Strength, not size! And cardio is a factor! Thanks a lot.

  2. stick with your first setup. pct for it should be fairly smooth, i used the old finigex that was liquid and it didnt really shut me down much but gave nice strength.

  3. It does seem like the better choice. I'm just so intrigued by this Decavol product that I almost want to try it. Maybe next time....

    The old Fini was fun stuff right! I stacked that with Phera-Plex, only at 20mg ED in from weeks 3-5 and man... the strength gains were really something else.

    I'd run T-Roid with a Phera-Plex clone, but, with cardio in mind, it's just not an option (the heart implications Phera-Plex has been reported causing). Does anyone see a better setup for strength while minimizing mass gain? I've ran Furazadrol in the past, but MMV2 appears to bring better results in the strength department.

    As a finisher, if funds permit, I may toss on Dermacrine as well. In the recent times I've been running lighter cycles and I found Dermacrine to be pretty solid product. Stacked it with Furazadrol, and I was pretty pleased with the results despite them being such mild compounds.

    But anyways, so far so good. T-Roid/MMV2/Dermacrine appears to be good to go when it's time in a few months. Any additional comments/opinions welcome.

  4. Actually, I have one more question. With neither being 17aa, and fairly mild on the lipids, I'm considering stretching this out to 6 weeks...

    My reasoning is because of my first episode with Fini. Again, the strength gains were phenominal, but I did not feel a THING until week 3. Really blew me away from weeks 3-5, but I was rather suprised that I didn't budge a bit in week 2.

    Anyone see a fault in doing so? T-Roid @ 60 or 90mg alongside MMV2 @ 3 or 4 caps ED.

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