Please See if everything looks straight....

  1. Question Please See if everything looks straight....

    Monday and Thursday

    Week Testosterone E Clomid (50mg)
    1 500mg
    2 500mg
    3 500mg
    4 500mg
    5 500mg
    6 500mg
    7 500mg
    8 500mg
    9 500mg
    10 500mg
    11 - 100mg (everyday)
    12 - 50 (everyday)
    13 - 50 (everyday)

    But im wondering i want to jump start the cycle with dbo; for 4 weeks at 40mgs a day. Right now I'm 25 around 195 6% bf. But I want to break the 215 mark. This will be my first AAS. did alot of research and this seems like a perfect first cycle. Please feel free to critique. Thanks in advance

  2. 6%? Can we a see a pic? Not doubting you, just curious.

  3. yea sure its really hard to tell but hope this helps

  4. Probably just the pic, but you don't look like you're a pound over 180, anyhow... how did you measure your bodyfat??? Just wondering because I use DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) to measure mine (a friend owns a business that has a couple of these) they are extremely precise. It looks like about 8% but everyones body holds fat differently, so i'm not doubting you just making conversation I'm also 6% BF I just appear a tad leaner but I guess it could be i'm biased lol. As far as the cycle it looks good And about a kickstart, i'd think about it, you won't see hardly anything until week 4-5, so with d-bol you could put on 15bs in that time. I'm impatient so i recommend a kicker but it's your call man, good luck. By the way if you think you may be gyno prone you may want to change your pct, as clomid isn't the best recepter agonist.

  5. Yes im def over 180 lol. Abd the bodyfat was taken for my job im not going to discuss what I do but I'm pretty sure the way they did it was accurate. As far as the kickstart would i do 4 weeks of dbol and then start with the test or run both together?


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