Need input on this cycle

  1. Need input on this cycle

    Hey guys, I am currently running LGP 1-t Hydroxytest at 2 squrts/twice a day. I am in week 4 and am going to stop cycle around Saturday, or whenever bottle runs out. Here's my question. I have some methyl-1-test on the way for me "cow", and i already have nolva for post cycle. Do you guys think I should run the methyl-1-test as soon as my transdermal cycle ends, or to hold off, run post cycle, and then save the methyl-1-test for a whole differenct cycle later. Thanks

  2. Save it for a different cycle. From what I have read and since I haven't found any feedback for it, you will want to stack the Methyl with Test., so get some 4AD to stack with it. Others are stack hydroxy with it too.

  3. BUMP, need some suggestions guys

  4. csakiges hit it right on the head, you will want some form of test in there.

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  5. Not to rain on anyones party but Why do you guys keep recommending to run another type of test with the Methyl. I would think otherwise unless your gonna run it at the end of the methyl cycle to aid in recovery and supression issues. I would recommend more 4-ad but thats me. I think I also read a mod or two saying the same thing. I could be wrong, which I normally am but thats what I get for thinking at 1am.




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